Gambare Roya ‘Shaburukuri 007’ appeared, quiz with 2 face photos

Gambare Roya ‘Shaburukuri 007’ appeared, quiz with 2 face photos. Akiko Wada and Gambare Rya will appear on “Shaburukuri 007” on September 17 (Monday) broadcast (every Monday night from 10: 00-11: 00, Japanese TV system).

Approach the secret of the popularity of Gambare Roya!

In 2018 break actor · Gambare Rya solves this character by popularity for the first time, Mahiru and Yoshi.

The project entitled ‘The face of Gambare Roya 007’, introduces impressive photos in the panel, and members talk about why they have become such expressions and members predict the situation.

Wada Akiko is still inexperienced in the entertainment world !?

Meanwhile, the entertainment industry’s Don · Wada also appeared the same as Gumbare Luya. We thoroughly verify the legend of Wada who celebrates 50 years of entertainment life.

The content of the shock written on the paper stuck on the girls’ toilet of a certain broadcasting station reveals the secret story.

In addition, Wada who still has never experienced 50 years of entertainment history also sits at the edge of the Tidarette, challenges the program assistant, etc., the scene that is likely to say “I have not seen Akko like this!” Continues.

Watanabe’s remarks are net news necessity!

Furthermore, attention is a point that revives the legendary plan “Girigiri 007” among “Shaburukuri 007” against Wada.

“Girigiri 007” is a thing that Neptune, Kurchi Tsuyoshi, tutorial shout members talk to the guests, “Can you answer or not answer querier?” The depth of the pocket is also tried as to whether the guest can answer without giving as much NG as possible.

Wada who tries to answer all without disliking such as disliked talent and MAX Gallagher. The shocking comment seems to be a network news no doubt.