Eikura Nana, Yoshitaka & Oshima and Tara-Reba 3 girls “The first thing to do” SHOT fans great excitement “Welcome back!”

An actress, Eikakura Nana, updated Official Instagram on September 17. Published three shots with Yuriko Yuriko, Yoshiko Oshima, and Yoshiko Oshima who co-starred in the drama “Tokyo Talareba Musume” which was broadcast on the Japanese television system in the period of January 2017, and “I’ve been waiting for these three people!” Everyone’s Welcome !! “This is dangerous !! “There is a big echo.

Tokyo Talareba Musume” is a painful reminder of the struggle of Arasa single women, including Riko (Yoshitaka) and Rinko (Yoshitaka), with the same name comic by Higashimura Akiko exceeding 1.8 million copies, struggling with romance and work seeking happiness To draw.

Yoshinaga, a close friend who has changed jobs from the program AD to the screenwriter but not easily sold, Yoshitaka, a close friend from Rinko’s high school era, Nairiku Yamakawa incense to the elephant, also Ms. Rinkaku, Ritsuko’s “girls’ society “Oshima plays the first daughter, Tottori Koyuki of the Izakaya” drinker “which is the venue of the event, and it is a big topic.

In addition, attention was also drawn that many starring casts such as Kentaro Sakaguchi, Ryohei Suzuki, Kei Tanaka appeared.

Meanwhile, Eikura updated the instructor. “I analyzed the detailed work of Tara Reba’s daughter? I am afraid, but I am afraid, they are two great people like a fortune-teller,” they released a self-shot of a smiling face of three girls.

However, as soon as I noticed misprints again, I recalled three different shots with slightly different composition as “It is not a serious attendance, it is an exercise … It is the first act?

By the way, “the first action” is a word named after the work, the first outing is “when you want to drink somehow because it is leisure”, the 2nd departure is “when you want to say a bitch of work”, 3 girls I used it to convene each.

For the fans, this delightfully to this fan “This is a lovely three people !!! Three people are too beautiful!” “I love you so much, I really want to see Taleban” “Continuation hope!” “The strongest men! “Cute ~ Three shots ” Three are both beautiful, they were my favorite drama, I hope to keep on good photographs from now on ” The strongest “and the voice of joyfulness are rushing.

In addition, Yoshitaka also released a three shot to Twitter after that, “I heard that Nana has given an instructor I will go to Twitter. I am going to go to Twitter for a while. Yuuko Yuko I’m a Tara Reba girl ???

It has been a long time but it has not been a while since it has passed for two years already, I went to see it, it was a fun night I woke up. “