Serena Williams in the whirlpool, finally criticized by active female player “She has exceeded the limit”

Serena Williams in the whirlpool, finally criticized by active female player “She has exceeded the limit”. Twenty-five ranked worldwide Strikova complains “Only the game of Serena Williams changes the rules?” Serena Williams (USA), who was defeated by Naosumi Osaka (Nissin Foods), the world ranked seventh in the four tennis tournaments and the US Open Women’s Singles Final.

On the stage of the final, after receiving a penalty for a rite to the referee and destruction of the racket, he was controversial, including appealing sexism at the press conference after the defeat. An active opinion to defend the Queen who boasts Grand Slam champion 23 degrees was coming out from the active player, but Barbola Strikova (Czech Republic), 25th in the women’s singles world ranking criticized seriously.

Serena who took problematic action on the big stage of the Grand Slam final. With the queen of Grand Slam championship 23 degrees, immediately after the defeat, the voice of defense was issued from tennis officials. At a press conference, criticism from the active world ranker finally rose to Serena Williams, who claimed sexism against Carlos Ramos’s trial.

“This is a bunch of words, neither girls nor boys are involved in the Umpire. If you compare, I have never seen Nadar shout so much for the referee.”

According to Czech sports specialty media “Cortico Sports” in his native country, Sotnikova criticized Serena Williams argument as discrimination against gender. “I am a woman, I have received a lot of warnings, I was amazed at defending WTA’s (Celina), but it’s a surprise to me, will rules change only for Serena’s match?”

Defending Ramos’ referee ‘One of the best referees in the world, he did what he should do’ Criticized WTA, who oversees girls’ tours after the game, announced statements advocating Serena. And defending the Portuguese referee who was criticized by some US media. In the article, we also say:

“Ramos is tough, one of the best referees in the world, he just did what he should do in the game because she has exceeded the limit”

Serena who lost the first set and was inferior to him received a warning because he received instructions from the coach of the audience seating. From this point, the scene continued for the referee repeatedly apologizing, but Sotnikova is stern looking.

“I wonder if she should have behaved differently just because she is Serena Williams, I thought it interesting that she began to do (referee claims) since she was about to lose.”

A 32 – year – old veteran pointed out that Serena Williams ‘s behavior has occurred since it became thick against Osaka. Criticism of Serena Williams by the current world ranked who won the bronze medal of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 16 years attracted attention, News and the brief sports media “Breather Sports” is also reported, and the aftermath of the nationwide final does not show signs of falling.