Boxing: Goroffkin’s first black star, CANELO wins a close battle and becomes a new throne! “I want to do it for the third time”

“Boxing · WBA super · WBC world middleweight title match” will be held at the T-Mobile · Arena in Las Vegas, the USA on 15th (Japan time 16th), and the challenger and the former world second-class champion Saul · Canelo Alvarez (28 = Mexico) defeated the champion · Gennazi · Golovkhkin (36 = Kazakhstan) by the smallest difference 0-2 (114-114, 115-113, 115-113), CANERO became the new champion. Golovkin was the first defeat.

In the title match conducted by the two in September last year, I won a name game over the full round but the result was a draw. From the game development at this time, many people saw Golofkin dominated this time, but there was also a voice saying that it is advantageous from the age of 36 years since the age of 36 years.

Game 1R, Gorofufin goes hands with the jab. Although Caneero was less expensive than expected, it was the expected development that would give out a powerful punch, but 2R, Canero’s left hook got a clean hit against Golovkin, then from there to the cantaloupe. Exert pressure actively to go forward. While getting the jab of Goloffkin, CANERO separates the one with speed one’s body, upper and upper and lower.

Golovkin, who sees the body working on the 6R, seems to be breathing after sitting in the corner after the end of the round.

But the 8 R starts gobofukin jabs in succession and the movements of canelo are less. CANERO bleeds from the left eye canal. After that Golofkin exceeds CANERO by hand. In 10R, Golovkin’s hitting crown captured the face of Canelo, Caneero bleeding from his nose.

There was a scene where the motion of Goroffkin stopped at the end of 11 R by cannero body blow, but gorofufukin comes out in the final 12 R as well. Caneero’s chin rises with Gorofkin’s upper, but Caneero will also hit the short punch. In the meantime, the last round is over. CANERO after 2 R in all rounds and GOLOFFIN in 8 R and thereafter seemed to be dominant, but CANERO shone as WBA, WBC’s new champion in judgment 0 – 2.

In the interview after the game, CANERO who continued training camp aiming at KO said “I wanted to KO as promised, but it was a difficult game, but Golovkin is a fantastic fighter, but I want to thank you for winning but now I am thankful.

About the second half of the middle stage) I knew that it was a close battle, but I steadily sent advice more accurate than my own fight, listening firmly to what the second say is saying, it is really the world’s strongest second. ” I thanked Second.

And as to the question that either judgment turned out no matter which way it was, “If you want re-election, third honesty, I will definitely take a break with my family and I still want to do it.” Golovkin, who was defeated for the first time, got off the ring without answering the interview.