Richa Chadda Interview: Richa Chadha did disclose the life, Richa Chadha is the Workstyle Actress

Richa Chadda Interview: Richa Chadha did disclose the life of sex workers. Richa Chadha is the Workstyle Actress. She has got her acting colors ranging from serial to comedy. Comedy film Fukre’s Bholi Punjab is the favorite of the audience. These days, there are discussions about the movie ‘Love Sonia’. At the same time, he will also be seen in South’s bold actress Shakeela’s biopic.

Apart from this, in some other films, there are also different types of characters. Conversation from Richa Chadha. The movie ‘Love Sonia’ has just been released. You played the role of a prostitute for the first time, what did you have to prepare to play this role?

‘Love Sonia’ is a complex movie. Director Tabrez Noorani made this film after ten years of research. In the film, I played a prostitute Madhuri. In the role of Madhuri, the true story of 2-3 Prostitutes has been included. I got some sex workers to play this role. Talk to them about how their life is.

Their children can not go to school, they can not live their life freely in society. His studies, his normal life is not possible. These women also get many diseases by having sex with hundreds of people. Many women are also victims of drug addiction.

Have you heard that you had to take therapies after shooting this film?

The tremendous trend of women trafficking is bad, we do not know about it until the reality is closely watched. During ‘Love Sonia’ I saw all this closely. Seeing a Prostitute’s life, I agreed, my sleep was gone, and I was depressed by thinking about the situation of those women.

When I returned home after shooting, one hour saw a cartoon channel, so that my mind did not think about those women. But it did not happen. Later, I had to do all the measures, yoga, meditation, to come out of this stress.

At this time, two of your films ‘Panga’ and ‘Shakeela’ are also in the discussion. Tell them about this?
If movies are hard to hit or someone’s biopic, then researching on it becomes very important. Yes, I am doing the biopic of South Actress Shakeela, and I got it from him.

Later, Shakeela Ji told me just to see the onscreen that acting and look is very right, but if my eyes were brown, then you should also apply brown lenses. I obeyed them and thus Shakeela has played on the screen. On the other hand, I am working with Kangna Ranaut in ‘Panga’. Ashwini Iyer Tiwari is directing this film. The story of the film is surrounded by kabaddi. Nina Gupta and Jassi Gill will also be in the lead role.

Do not intend to marry now.

Richa Chadha’s marriage with Ali Fazal is coming to her news, she asks if she asks what is the truth. The news then flies about anything. Ali Fazal and I are close to each other, I have not denied this. But this time my career is going through a golden period, I am managing it. There is no intention of marriage right now.