Opening Cermony Asia Cup 2018, The Asia Cup tournament’s trophy event concludes

Dubai: The Asia Cup tournament event took place in Dubai, which included captains of all the teams involved in the event. The trophy ceremony of the Asian Cup cricket tonight in Dubai was held, which included captain of the champion Rohit Sharma, Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed, Sri Lanka’s Angola Methies, Bangladeshi Musharraf’s Murtaza, Afghanistan’s Asghar Afghan, and Hong Kong Invented Night Participated.

The captains of all the teams informed about their preparations at the press conference. Sarfraz Ahmed, captain of the national team said that the team and the preparation are very good, the tour is going on for the World Cup, but currently, the Focus is on Asia Cup.

“We will try to give the wing performance,” we will improve ourselves, the team at the Champions trophy was very young, which has now come forward, so will give the best performance from the last Asia Cup.

Sarfraz Ahmed says Pakistan has to play series against Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa before the World Cup, by playing these series, we will know where we are standing and what will be our World Cup.

Rohit Sharma, captain of the Indian team, said that all the matches in the Asia Cup are important, but we are waiting for the match against Pakistan and are passionate about it.

He says that after 12 years in the United Arab Emirates, we are feeling happy after coming back, we have won many series outside India and I am getting the opportunity to captain Kapoor for the first time.

He said that we are focusing on winning the tournament and looking at Pakistan’s main match, but other teams have also come here with the preparation and all the teams have got the opportunity to prepare before the world.

He said that at this time we are watching the matches by playing match-bay, it will be folly to talk to the final yet, and the Asia Cup is a big event, will perform well, but it would be good to visit the home after a long time and leave a little rest. Come here later

Six teams are participating in the tournament, which is divided into two groups, Pakistan Indo-Hong Kong Group ‘A’, while Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are included in group B.

The regular start of the event will be between the Bangladesh and Sri Lanka match played in Dubai, which will start at 4:00 pm by Pakistani time according to Pakistan.

The biggest event of the event will be between Pakistan and India on September 19. It is clear that the Asia Cup is held every two years and in the last 5 Asian Cup tournaments, Sri Lanka and India have 2,2 and Pakistan named an event.

Pakistan hosted Asia Cup in 2008 and trophy was named Sri Lanka when hosting Sri Lanka in 2010 and India was the winner.

Bangladesh hosted the event twice in 2012, twice in 2012, by the trophy in 2012, when it was found in Sri Lanka and India in 2014.