World Cup 2018: France qualified for the final of the World Cup in Russia by beating Belgium 1-0

Umiti drops Belgium and sends Duke of France to the final of the World Cup. France qualified for the final of the World Cup in Russia by beating Belgium 1-0 on Tuesday at Christovski Stadium in St Petersburg in the semi-finals of the tournament. The French national team is credited with winning the win against Barcelona defender Samuel Aumetti, who scored the only goal in the 51st minute.

France will face France in the final on Sunday with the winner of the other game in the semi-finals, which gathered on Wednesday between England and Croatia. The teams have met 73 times before, with Belgium winning 30 times, 24 for France and 19 times. But today’s match is the first official meeting between the two teams since the 1986 World Cup when France won 4-2 in the third-place match. Belgium won the World Cup semi-finals for the second time, scoring the same in 1986 before losing to Argentina.

While France reached the semi-finals of the World Cup for the sixth time, losing three times in this role in 1958, 1982 and 1986 and reached the final twice, winning the title in 1998 and lost to Italy in the final version of 2006.

Belgium topped Group G of the World Cup with a 3-0 win over Panama, Tunisia 5-2 and England 1-0, and the team beat Japan 3-2 and Brazil 2-1 in the quarterfinals.

France topped Group C with seven points against Australia 2-1, Peru 1-0 and a draw against Denmark. The hosts beat Argentina 4-3 in the last 16 and Uruguay 2 in the quarterfinals.

Belgium is participating in the World Cup for the 13th time, while France is making their 15th World Cup appearance. The match was attended by King Philip of Belgium and Queen Matilda and French President Emmanuel Macaron. The match was unique, with French legend Thierry Henry facing his country for the first time because of his work in Belgium.

Henry did not play in France’s final in 1998 final, which was crowned by the duke. He was 20 years old, but he played a key role in the European Cup two years later, after beating Italy in the final. Which took place in the Netherlands. Henry played 123 caps for the French national team and helped the team reach the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany before defeating Italy.

The match started with a French takeover but French control quickly disappeared and was replaced by a Belgian offensive by the Belgian team in search of an early goal. This was almost achieved by Aden Hazard in the fifth minute when he sent a dangerous cross in the penalty area but could not find Follow them into the net.

The French team responded with a quick rebound that ended with a pass from Paul Bougeba to Kilian Mbabi inside the penalty area, but the Paris St Germain did not hit the ball to go in the arms of goalkeeper Tibo Kurtua.

A crucial chance for the Belgian team was a quarter of an hour later when Hazard received a superb pass from Kevin de Bruin inside the penalty area to hit his right foot directly, but the ball went just wide. Belize midfielder Matudei could have opened the scoring for France in the 18th minute with a long-range shot, but Courtois has consistently dealt with the ball.

Rafael Farran saved the French keeper from a goal in the 19th minute and headed off a neat pass from Hazard to Marwan Villains in front of goal. The French goalkeeper Hugo Lauris responded to the goal of the Belgian investigator and far from his fingertips a shot fired by Toby Deerfield from the border of the penalty area.

The Belgian risk continued on the French goal, but the defense of the cocks did not shake the net. French defender Samuel Umiti came in at the last minute and pushed a great pass for Bruyn from the line. Olivier Giroud almost opened the scoring with a header but the ball went straight past the net.

An unexpected opportunity for the French flag was lost in the 33rd minute when Kellian Mbabi sent a magic pass through the penalty area to Jiro, who leaped in front of the goal but the Chelsea striker sailed very strangely outside the net.

Curtea was fired six minutes from the end of the first half and brilliantly saved a powerful shot from Benjamin Bavar from within the six yards. France dominated the game in the final minutes and had plenty of opportunities for the team but without being invested.

Romello Lukako missed a golden opportunity to snatch the Belgian goal in injury time for the first half after receiving a cross from De Bruins. Omtiti made a mistake to get the ball to the Manchester United striker just in front of the goal but failed to pay the ball past the net.

The second half began with offensive pressure from Belgium in the hope of compensating for what the team lost in the first half and scoring an early goal close to the dream of reaching the final for the first time.

Jiro lost a chance to the Duke of France after receiving a clever pass from Nigolo Canti inside the penalty area and shot a close shot from close range but the Belgian defense moved the ball to a corner. Matte took the lead in the 51st minute with a powerful header from Antoine Grizmann’s right-hand corner.

The French team had a chance to score the second goal in the 56th minute after a quick attack that ended with a pass from Mbabi inside the penalty area to Giro, who shot from one touch but Kurtwa shine and removed the danger from the Belgian goal.

Belgium coach Roberto Martinez made his first change by replacing Daris Mertens instead of Moussa Dembele. De Bruin could have equalized for Belgium in the 61st minute after an offer.