FIFA World Cup 2018 | Wonders of the World Cup

The World Cup is a story of endless passion that began in 1930 and is renewed every four years. The dream of every player and team is to write a line in their exciting events both on and off the field, and we will check out some of the wonders and wonders of the World Cup.

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, Italy was the last World Cup champion in 1938. Due to the suspension of the tournament in 1942 and 1946, then vice president of the Italian federation Ottorino Barazzi hid the World Cup under the bed of his own shoe for 12 years.

India qualified for the World Cup in Brazil in 1950 but declined to participate because the laws did not allow players to play with bare feet.

In qualifying for the World Cup Switzerland in 1954, the qualification between Turkey and Spain by resorting to the draw that marked the Turks achieved the first participation in the World Cup in their history.

It was one of the wonders and oddities of the World Cup that Hungary played against Germany in the 1950s with the Puskas comrades when they were drawn in one group and Hungary won a big and very heavy result. They met again in the final and the press had prepared the news of Hungary’s crown before the final. The first World Cup in one of the biggest surprises of its time.

Before the 1966 World Cup, the trophy was stolen but thanks to the dog Beccles was found again.

The quarter-finals of the 1966 World Cup were a strange event mixed with wit and strangeness. After England managed to beat Argentina towards the semi-finals, the coach entered the stadium directly not to celebrate but to prevent his players from exchanging shirts with the opponent.

Italy called the first round in the 1966 World Cup against North Korea and this result is disastrous for the Italians, which prompted officials in the country not to announce the arrival of the aircraft or the place of landing.

After the 1966 World Cup Pele announced his decision not to participate in the World Cup again because of the brutality deliberately played by Bulgaria and Portugal against him, resulting in injury, but due to the pressure of the big black jewel fans pushed Pele to change his decision and participate in the World Cup in Mexico in 1970 He won the title.

World Cup Germany in 1974 saw the impact of the ball politics when the Soviet Union refrained from confronting the Chilean for ideological reasons Chile qualified for the World Cup.

In the same World Cup, Juan Huberg scored two goals for the Uruguay team and then suffered a heart attack but woke up after massaging his heart and returned to resume playing and described Balmat, who scored at the World Cup.

In the 1978 World Cup, Johan Cruyff, the Dutch legend, refused to participate in the World Cup after threatening his life and the life of his family.

Peruvian goalkeeper Ramon Quiroga is not much, but history without his name is a unique record in the 1978 World Cup. In the meeting with Peru and Poland, Ramon was the first goalkeeper in history to receive a yellow card after a mistake in midfield. What he was doing in his team’s attacking line.

In 1982, Italian player Paolo Rossi came out of prison to lead Italy to the title.

In Colombia’s 1-0 defeat to the United States in 1994, Colombia defender Andres Escobar scored a wrong goal. It was natural for Escobar to return home, but the world woke up the next day to a catastrophic disaster after the player was assassinated. One of the drug dealers who bet on Colombia’s victory in that match.