FIFA World Cup Russia: Uruguay Vs France, France drop Uruguay with a double and reserve the first place in the semi-finals of the World Cup

Russia: France advanced to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia after beating Uruguay 2-0 at the opening of the quarter-finals on Friday. Defender Rafael Farran opened the scoring for the French national team in the 40th minute and then Antoine Grizmann added the second goal in the 61st minute, with France taking the first place in the semi-finals of the World Cup. Defending champions Eddison Cavani, the Paris St Germain striker, missed the match during the match against Portugal in the Round of 16.

Christian Stoani, striker Girona of Italy, along with Luis Suarez in the Uruguayan attack. The French team took a step closer to the podium of the World Cup title, which was once a precedent in the 1998 edition at home, while the Uruguayan to the crown of the third title in the World Cup after winning the 1930 and 1950.

France will meet in the semi-final on July 10, the winner of the quarterfinals later in the day between Brazil and Belgium. The game began with offensive pressure from the French national team, but the Uruguayans quickly entered the atmosphere and started flapping their offensive teeth in a few minutes.

The French team pressed for constant pressure in the early hours, while the Uruguayans intensified their focus on the defensive while looking for opportunities through counter-attacks. Jose María Jiménez headed home in the 14th minute but French goalkeeper Hugo Lauris came in at the right moment and knocked it out.

The French team responded with a serious attack after less than a minute, with Olivier Jiro headed the ball to Kylian Mbabi, who nodded but passed over the crossbar. Jose Caceres and his Uruguayan team-mate Fernando Mosleira are also struggling to thwart a serious attack by Mbabi in the 30th minute.

The offensive attempts remained a fixture between the two teams but the lack of harmony between the attacking elements of the French team missed the team more than a chance, and the Uruguayan team more than a serious attempt to attack in the 36th minute, but ended with a weak shot from Christian Stoani.

In the 40th minute, Rafael Farran opened the scoring for the French national team, with Antoine Grizmann scoring a fine free-kick shot by Farran with a skillful header into the net, announcing France’s 1-0 lead. The Uruguayans pressed hard for a draw and saved French keeper Lauris Schapke from a goal in the 44th minute. The Uruguayans continued their offensive in the second seconds of the first half, but all attempts failed to end with France advancing 1-0.

He saved the visitors from a goal four minutes from the start of the second half. Mbabi sent a high ball to close the scoring, but Mosler hit the ball at the right moment and knocked the ball away. The French team focused heavily on the defensive side as the pressure of the Uruguayans who looked for the opportunity continued through defensive mistakes.

In the 59th minute, Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez made two changes at once, involving Maximiliano Gomes instead of Stone and Christian Rodriguez instead of Rodrigo Betancourt. Uruguay‘s hopes of returning were greatly reduced in the 61st minute as France strengthened their lead with a second goal when Grizmann fired a powerful shot from outside the area.

In the 64th minute, Uruguayan substitute Cristian Rodriguez fired a powerful ball from the edge of the box but just past the post. The game stopped in the 67th minute when Mbabi claimed to have been involved by Rodriguez, and there were skirmishes between the players of the two teams, but the referee took control of the situation and ended up advertising two cards for Mbabi and Rodriguez.

Corinthian Toledo almost added the third goal to France in the 73rd minute, where he lacked defensive control inside the penalty area, to pay without pressure, but missed the correction to pass the ball directly above the bar. France coach Didier Deschamps made his first substitution in the 80th minute, involving Steven Nizoni instead of Toledo.

Despair appeared to have slipped into some of the Uruguayans in the final minutes, while the confidence of the French team appeared to be overwhelming with no pressure.

Deschamps paid Osman Dembli instead of Mbabi in the 88th minute, and Boujba received a free-kick from a dangerous position. Grizmann made the move but shot a shot past the crossbar.

In the third minute of stoppage time, Deschamps was given the opportunity to play for Nabil Poor where he was substituted by Grisman. The remaining two seconds passed without a new one, ending France’s 2-0 win over Uruguay and qualifying for the semi-finals.