FIFA World Cup 2018, Switzerland vs Sweden: Switzerland has a chance to create history

Switzerland has made controversial headlines to celebrate the goals of its players in the current World Cup, but on Sunday, the team will have an opportunity to equalize their best performance in this prestigious tournament against Sweden in the pre-quarterfinals here on Sunday. If Vladimir Petkovich’s team defeats Sweden in St. Petersburg, then in the last 64 years, it will be Switzerland’s first team to make it to the quarterfinals of this biggest competition in football.

If the ‘Double Eagle’ celebration of team players against Serbia is abandoned, then the team has so far influenced the tournament. The team has been able to stay united under captain Stephen Lichtenberg, while the team succeeded with Velon Bahrami and Zardan Shakira to move forward from Group E, including the strong contender of the title Brazil.

Switzerland’s team has been invincible in Russia so far and in every match, the team scored. The only scandal in the team’s performance in the last two years was the defeat against Portugal in October last year.

The Swiss team made the last place in the World Cup quarter-finals in 1954, when the country was hosting this tournament of 16 countries. The team, however, lost 5-7 against Austria in spite of making a 3-0 lead over the last eight. If Switzerland is to match this performance now, then the challenge of Sweden will be overcome.

Switzerland’s defense has so far affected, but the team will go against Sweden without its chief defender, and Fabienne Schier, as they both showed two or two yellow cards during the league stage. The experience of both of these has been very fierce for the team as both of them have experience playing more than 150 matches on behalf of the team.

Apart from Leicestershire, the FIFA imposed a penalty on Shakira and Grenade Jaka, for a politically-inspired event during a 2-1 victory over Serbia. As a substitute for Leicestershire and Shayer in the match against Sweden, Yohan Johra, and Michael Lang can be dropped.

Sweden and Switzerland have not clashed with each other since 2002, so there is no indication that there is a possibility of a team being dominated by Tuesday’s match. Switzerland will have the opportunity to make history though it has.