FIFA world cup 2018: Colombia v England and Sweden v Switzerland, know which team is heavy on

There are two knockout matches today in the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Know how heavy the swing of the team is in Switzerland versus Sweden and England v Columbia.

In the pre-quarterfinals, Columbia will take on England’s Tillism. The Colombian team has played five matches from England but it has been far from the win. In such a case, it is expected to face a tough fight on Tuesday. England has just lost to Belgium in the last 13 fixtures. In such a situation, Columbia will have to do a heel to stop England.

The second pre-quarterfinals will be between Switzerland and Sweden. There will also be a collision of the fork in this. Sweden did not go beyond the pre-quarter after 1994. So, winning will want to make the quarter-final place.

Switzerland will also win the fourth time in the World Cup quarter-final to try to make a place. England defeated Colombia 2-0 in the World Cup in 1998, after which the two teams will now have the second World Cup match. In terms of statistics, England appears to be on the verge of collapse in Colombia.

Not giving a single defeat to this team will give England a mental stability. England has lost 1 in the last 13 matches. It can also be benefited by the team, but its last match is defeated by England Belgium. Which will definitely be in their minds?

England is better than Colombia in terms of FIFA ranking. England’s ranking is 12 and Columbia has 16. The most important aspect of Colombia is that from September 2017, the team played in the qualifying World Cup and friendly matches from Brazil, Peru, defeating China 4-0. The world champion beat France 3-2. In the last 9 matches, Columbia got 5 draws, 2 wins, and the same defeat.

Colombia will also want to break England’s five-match triumph by defeating England. So that he would enter the World Cup quarter-finals for the second time. Meanwhile, England, who won the World Championship, would like to make their sixth and World Cup win in Colombia and go to the quarter-finals.

Want to enter quarter-finals after 24 years

Sweden will land on the ground today with the prospect of entering the quarter-finals after 24 years. Sweden was ranked third in 1994. After this, entry into the quarter-finals has not been received. Switzerland, on the other hand, would want to make it to the World Cup quarter-finals for the fourth time. The first World Cup will be fought between the two countries.