5 big mistakes in WWE Raw, No show of WWE can be completed without errors

The next PPV Extreme rules of WWE have been left for only 2 weeks. In this case, all the storylines of Raw are concentrated by keeping Extreme rules in mind. Some matches have been announced for Extreme Rules, while some matches can be announced in the coming days.

A lot of action was found on WWE Raw. Well, today’s episode proved to be quite bad for the Roman Rena. Rens suffered a beating thrice at the hands of WWE Superstars. At the same time, Rens fought two matches. During Raw, many mistakes were made by the superstars in the camera. Look at 5 big lanes that occurred during Ayan Raw.

Seth Rollins did not like the right lines

This week’s launch of WWE Raw was done by Roman Rena promo. Ryan was talking about the lost defeat last week when the duo of Drew McIntyre and Jiggler came and attacked him. To save his companion from Shield, Seth Rollins came and tried to save the Roman Rance.

Seth Rollins attacked Jiggler as soon as he came and turned them on the side. But when McIntyre came, they got clothing, which had no effect on the drook. This would probably be the most worthless clothing so far. After the attack of Mojo Rauli, sitting on the ring, Hose

Mojo Rowley, who won the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in Wrestlemania last year, has been used a lot in Raw. But this week they came and attacking No One Hose. During the attack, Mojo tried to kill Hozé on Aparan but sitting on top of Mojo Aperan. After that Mojo tried again, which was successful.

Sarah Logan kicked Amber

Due to Ruby Riot injuries, in the Riot Squad, only now live Morgan and Sarah Logan are left. Today Amber Moon encounters with Liv Morgan in Raw. Amber beat Eclipse and win against Morgan.

When Amber was killing Morgan after the match ended, Sarah came there only. When Amber stepped down from the rope, Sarah kicked her loud and the balance of the Amber Moon went deteriorating. It is believed that Sarah did not want to be kicked, but that kick was taken to Amber. The mistakes made by WWE’s technical team.

The level of WWE that live shows always keeps chances of a mistake. Because many different types of lighting, entrance music and camera are used in the show. During the RAW, there were 2 such mistakes found. Rite was entering the ring in the ring so that his music stopped in the middle and he had to go half-way in the ring without music. Before the segment of the Roman Renaiss and Kurt Angle, the screen went to black.

Alexa helped lie to help Mikey James or forgot him

During WWE Raw, Mikey James encounters Naia Jacques. Naya Jacks won this match, but for a moment it came as if Naia had delayed killing Naomi by the powerbomb.

Naya Jacks hit the situp powerbomb with Mikey James and then ascended the Alexa Aperan and started wandering the referee’s attention. It seemed that Alexa counted late to defeat the county or Nea Jacques forgot his script.