Roger Federer, Tatjana Maria, Elena Svividolina, Wimbledon tennis starting today

The Wimbledon tennis tournament, played in traditional white dress, begins today in London. Wimbledon Tennis, one of the Grand Slam tournaments, begins today in London. Roger Federer, the first player in the main draw of the men’s singles event, is in the first day of the traditional season of the 15th day of the game, with Serbia’s Dusan Lazovi.

Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov, who is the 6th player in the tournament, is in Steyn Wawrinka of Switzerland, Milos Raonic of Canada, Leigh Bridge of England, Marin Chile, Japan’s Nishikori and 11-year-old American Sam Quayle, Jordan’s Damian and 9th position player, USA Yin Yemen, Germany’s Yankee Maden and South Africa’s Kevin Anderson, along with 8th position player, Norbert Gombas of Slovenia.

Caroline Wozniacki, Denmark’s 2-player player in the women’s wrestling clash with the US’s Lysenko.

USA’s Serena Stephens, USA’s Serena Williams, 25-seeded American, Serena Williams, Netherlands Arrantza Russ, 9th position American Venus Williams, Sweden’s Johanna Larsen, Sweden’s Elena Svividolina, Germany’s Tatjana Maria and 7-year-old Czech, Republican Carolina Flisskova, England’s Harid Tart, 13-year-old Julia Georges and Monica Sturge of Puerto Rico.