FIFA 2018: Brazil vs Mexico, Brazil will face a tough fight from Mexico, Philip will look at Live Score, Live Stream

Mexico is ready to compete in the pre-quarterfinals against Brazil on Monday in the FIFA World Cup. The confident team will have to break the Brazilian defense and find the way to the quarter-finals for themselves. So far in the FIFA World Cup, Mexico has only reached the quarter-finals twice. He was able to enter the final-8 in 1970 and 1986, while Brazil reached the quarter-finals 13 times.

In such a scenario, it will not be easy for Mexico to get a place in the last-8 teams after winning against Brazil. For Brazil, although the start of the tournament at the group level has been slow, by improving their game, they have made good in the remaining two matches and have made it to the pre-quarterfinals.

Mexico had defeated Germany 1-0 in its first Group match, proving that breaking its defense would not be easy for any team. However, after defeating South Korea, Mexico had lost to Sweden in their third group match.

The defeat from Sweden has made Mexico more relevant. Apart from this, the team does not have their Central Defender Hector Moreno in this match. Therefore, the team must stop the rival team’s attack to avoid the goal against Brazil. It clearly means that Mexico does not have to allow Brazilian star player Philip Coutinho, Neymar to reach his goal post in any case.

Brazil is full of confidence after winning both of their group matches. Going into the tournament with the goal of the sixth title, Brazil will not go back in any case. He is well aware of the performance of Mexico and his goal should be to defend the team’s defense.

The breakdown of Mexico’s defense will be the biggest challenge for the pre-quarterfinal match played in Samara Arena. Apart from Neymar and Coutinho, there are also players like Thiago Silva and Gabriel Jesus.