Why Akshay Kumar’s gold is completely different from Surma, Chitrangada Singh

Akshay Kumar’s film Gold is going to be released on August 15. The story of the film is about Indian hockey. On the other hand, on July 13, Chitrangada Singh’s home production ‘Surma‘ is also being released, which is a biopic of Sandeep Singh, who is a legend of hockey.

In such a scenario, when Jagaran.com talked to producer Chitrangada Singh, on the comparison between the films being created after one and the other, they said that it is a matter of great happiness that now there are two films coming together in Bollywood.

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That too on hockey Chitrangada says that Akshay’s film is based on a true story, while his film is completely biopic so in that sense it should not be compared. Also, our film i.e. is the Surma Human Story. The story of a man’s battle is a man.

Chitrangada says that technically our film is being released first. Chitrangada again says that we have not treated this movie like sports. Sports is in the film, but we are showing the life of Sandeep Singh.

Chitrangada says that she does not consider her film Surma as just a sports biopic, we have such situations in many of her life, where you have to go through many ups and downs for your self-respect. But you get the courage by encouraging yourself on this.

This is the story of that passion. Chitrangada said that he has got a lot of help from the Indian Hockey Association in the making of this film. They got tremendous help in obtaining footage, photographs, and information. Chitrangada Singh will soon be seen in Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3 and the market.

Chitrangada Singh’s entry has been done in the third part of this franchise, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia. In the film, he has done a song which will remind you of the songs made by Meena Kumari in the film Pakija. Chitrangada is very excited about Saif Bevi and Gangster 3, considering his big return.

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He has been the first choice of the movie for this film. Chitrangada’s character in the film is going to do anything to get love. Chitrangada also had a lot of rehearsals for this song. She says that this third part of the film will be quite interesting and full of different operators.