WhatsUp launches a new group management feature.

The app currently has an additional feature in the groups that will completely change the user experience. Whatsup allows the blocking feature of some people or assigns it to moderators only in group chat groups.

Watts has long been working on developing and improving group conversations to compete with other IM applications. It has since added member and administrator privileges and allowed administrators to prevent members from changing group information such as group name, description, and image.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, WattsUp currently has an additional feature in the groups that will completely change the user experience and allow the administrator to prevent members from sending messages within the group.

To take advantage of the new feature you must first update the version of Wattsb to 2.18.201 if you are an Android user and to version 2.18.70 if you are an iPhone users before going to the group info page and then set the group settings and choose to send messages Send Messages And select one of the two options, “All Users”, which is the default, and enabled users can exchange messages as usual, and only administrators Only Administrators and activated it will notify all members that they can no longer send messages within this group, and then only administrators can send messages.

You can use this feature in many ways. For example, if you are a group administrator, you can enable this option to send important messages to the group without interruption by members’ messages.

If you decide to close the group, you can use the feature to block any messages, In the group the next morning, and also if you are a group administrator and you share a group invitation link to third parties, you can also close the group’s messages at night to block messages from unwanted contacts that are likely to join the group when you are asleep.