FIFA World Cup 2018 | Uruguay vs Portugal | Uruguay challenge in front of Portugal in the knockout round World Cup, Live Score, Live Stream

After the end of the FIFA World Cup 2018 group round, the qualifiers are now looking to reach the next round. In the pre-quarterfinal round starting today, a knockout match will be played between Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portugal and Uruguay.

The challenge for the team losing in this round will end here. So both the teams will want to win this match in any case and enter the next round. In the current World Cup, both teams will be face-to-face for the first time.

However, before this, three matches have been played between the two teams. Both are quite familiar with each other’s game plan. In such a situation, it is considered to be a tough competition between the two teams.

Let us know that Group A’s Uruguay is looking more strong because Uruguay has qualified in the group matches by winning all three matches. The Cristiano Ronaldo‘s Portugal look is a bit lighter Portugal won a match in three in the group round and played two draws.

The strength of this team is his captain Ronaldo, who has scored four goals so far, while the whole team has scored five goals in the group stage.

While Luis Suarez and Edin Kawani of Uruguay team are the strongest columns. Apart from these two, the strength of the team is his defense. Uruguay did not eat a single goal in the three rounds of the group round. This team, which created history by winning the first World Cup, would like to outstrip Portugal in every situation.