FIFA World Cup 2018, Spain vs Russia, Cherchez, We will do our utmost to overcome the Spanish team

Russia will make every effort to beat Spain in their World Cup quarter-final match on Sunday, the Russian national team’s captain Denis Cherchev said on Saturday. The Spanish have never won in a World Cup or European Championship match. Cherchez hopes this trend will continue on Sunday at Lognicki Stadium and said his team feels no further pressure. “We have to give 200 percent of our performance, that’s our responsibility,” he said, adding that he always prays before the matches.

Spain coach Fernando Hierro, who played in the last loss to the hosts against South Korea in 2002, was upset. “Statistics are there to destroy them,” Hierro told a news conference. “Why should we look back? Now it’s about what happens tomorrow, anything else has nothing to do with it,” he said. In the end, there are positive results for the Spanish team, where they beat the Russian team 3-0 in the last official match in the semi-finals of Euro 2008.

The two teams met in a friendly in November, with a 3-3 draw as the Russian team moved 1/3 behind to a draw. Cherchez, who scored three goals in the group stage, said that scoring for Spain, where he plays for Villarreal, will not give him extra satisfaction because all that matters is team effort and victory.

“We are confident that we are going to play a tough game, they are first-class players and they can play very well, but we also have a source of strength, we can win against any team, that’s the way we have to think,” he said. “We did not lose our confidence” after the loss to Uruguay 3-0 in the last game of the group stage and expressed their hope that the team would be able to express its value and win, coach Stanislav Cherchisov said.

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The coach refused to talk about the pressure on the team, preferring to talk about the responsibility placed on the two teams. The coach was also reminded that during his time at Spartak Moscow, his side had won a Real Madrid win in the quarter-finals of the 1991 European Cup when Fernando Hierro was part of Real Madrid. No one believed that we could win, and tomorrow we can prove our value and win again, “said Chernigov.

Cherchez and Hierro agreed that small details would make the difference, and the Spanish camp stressed that they would not underestimate their opponent, who is ranked 70th in the rankings of the International Federation, the lowest team in terms of classification participating in the tournament.

“It is very difficult for the Russian team, just like Brazil,” player David Silva warned. The player urged his team to develop after playing weak group matches in a draw with Portugal and Morocco and a 1-0 win over Iran.

We must defend better because small mistakes may make us go back to our country, if we play fast in the attack we will have many options and we can hurt our opponents, “he said. “We have a clear plan in our minds, we know what the Russian team is offering, we have confidence in our players, anyone can make the difference,” Hierro said. “We want to be positive and we will remain positive.”