The surprises of the first round in the 2018 World Cup closes the door of speculation in the final two

Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, and Argentina dominated the list of the most powerful candidates for the title in the final on July 15, but the surprises and shocks of the group stage which ended yesterday Thursday, dreams have reinforced the ambition of other teams to achieve glory at the World Cup.

Perhaps the most important moment in the first round was the overthrow of the German champions to make it their first exit from the first round of the World Cup in 80 years. The Spanish national team, the 2010 World Cup champion, and the European Cup winners (Euro 2016) To qualify for the knockout stage.

Neither the French and the Argentinians achieved expectations, as the French team missed the massive offensive force expected from the star battalion it contained, while the Argentinian team on the exit gate of the first round before he was lucky to take advantage of the qualification after the trouble.

The Brazilian team has yet to review its best level in the current tournament, despite qualifying for the top of Group E. The best of the first round was for teams, either never before in the history of the World Cup or had not been on the podium for decades.

Uruguay, England, Belgium, and Croatia have all qualified for the knockout stage, and after performances were the best in the group competitions.

None of the teams with a great history at the World Cup appeared in disguised form and barely qualified for the second round of a tournament where the competition was largely open, which boosted the hopes of the unlisted teams before the World Cup on June 14.

“The situation is difficult for everyone,” said coach Didier Deschamps, “despite their great reputation for attacking the football.”

The German team was clearly suffering from the first round of the World Cup since 1938. Two more of the “giant teams” are expected to leave early on Saturday, where the 16-day tournament begins on Saturday with a meeting between Argentina and France and a meeting between the Portuguese and Uruguay.

The Argentinian team has been largely dependent on Lionel Messi’s long-term quest to win the title, possibly the missing piece of the legend. But the star of Barcelona, faced with suffering to carry the hopes of the team, and qualified Argentina with great difficulty to the second round, taking advantage of Nigeria’s victory over Iceland 2-0 in the second round of Group D games.

The Brazilian, the most caustic in the history of the World Cup with five titles and meets his Mexican counterpart in the round of 16 on July 2, is still considered a strong candidate for the title.

But Brazil’s Group A match against Switzerland, which ended in a 1-1 draw, has highlighted weaknesses in the side, particularly on the defense side. The Sampa team also suffered suffering in their match against Costa Rica before they were settled by a clean double at the time.

In the 16-game encounter with Belgium, Belgium qualified for the top spot in Group B after beating England 1-0 at the end of the group stage.

However, the records raise the concern of the Belgian team and its fans, showing their suffering to the highest teams in the history records, as reflected by his defeat to Argentina in the World Cup 2014 and Brazil in the World Cup 2002. Despite a 3-0 defeat of Uruguay in the last round of group matches, the hosts are hoping to beat Spain and qualify for the quarter-finals.

In addition to massive public support, the Russian team is confident of scoring eight goals in their first two games, which ended with a 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia and Egypt 3-1. Although the Spanish team was a strong candidate for the title, faced a state of confusion in the first days of the World Cup after the sudden dismissal of coach Julien Lobtege, on the eve of the opening match.

In the match with the attacking and defensive force represented by stars such as Isco and Diego Costa, the Spanish side is suffering from the defensive action and are vulnerable to any aggressive attack by the opponent. He has not lost a match during his European qualifying campaign.

The Croatian team may have won the Group D final against Denmark in the last 16 and will meet in the quarter-finals of the match between Spain and Russia. Croatia’s Luka Modric and Real Madrid’s Ivan Racicch have both set aside their side, and have cooperated enormously in the Croatian midfield to get the team to the full mark with three wins.

The Swedes, who had a surprise start to the top of Group F, face their Swiss counterpart in St Petersburg on July 3, in a game that is a great opportunity for both teams to cut a new step in the World Cup was not expected either.

Second-placed England, behind Belgium, is facing Group H leaders Colombia in a match in which chances are relatively close. In the end, the current World Cup may be seen as a champion