Serena Williams’ ready to return for Wimbledon, thinks about the daughter, things get easier

London: Reuters Rooney for Serena Williams was just like a practice, and four weeks before she had to break into the final round of the French Open, but now Serena is ready to return to Wimbledon, which is the reason for the preparation of her daughter’s birth. I could not take part in this tournament last year.

Serena’s ranking was only 183 by just three tournaments after the return, but seven-time champions will go to Wimbledon with the 25th seed. However, Serena was not in favor of prioritizing Serena on the basis of the WTA rankings list, but she was given preference as an exception because she is returning after maternity leave.

In Paris, Serena was forced to retire from the fourth round due to a muscle strain and she could not play any practice match on Grass Court. That’s why he has already reached Wimbledon and is working hard under the supervision of his coach Patrick Mouratologou. The aura of this American player is such that after the two-time champion Petra Kvitova, he is the second favorite contender of the title.

Serena won her first Wimbledon title 16 years ago and she is now seeking to complete her fitness because she knows that winning her eighth title three months before her 37th birthday will be a difficult challenge for her.

In his documentary ‘Being Serena’, he said, “It is very stressful and full of great pressure, but the support I have had never before me. Olympia (daughter) and my husband are with me This makes it easy for me. ‘ Being a mother and professional tennis player together is an extra challenge, but Serena says she sees things, so it seems that motherhood has changed everything. I have been idealistic in my whole life and I think Olympia has made it a little short for me.

Sometimes when I’m back on the court, I think about it, so I think, Serena comfortably, you can do it. Whatever it may be, but it enables me to believe in myself, relax and realize that there are more things that are more important. ‘

Serena feels that she did not lose her capability on the French Open, and her win against Ashley Barthy and Julia Gorges was impressive. His record in Wimbledon is tremendous, where he won his last title in 2016. Serena wants to maintain her belief that she can perform best again. However, she also believes that after becoming a mother, her body has become difficult to prepare for it again.

Andy Murray suffered a 6-4, 6-4 loss to compatriot Kyle Edmond in Eastbourne. This has once again caused suspicion for participating in the World Winner’s World Wimbledon. Two-time Wimbledon winner Murray, who returned to injury after 11 months of injury, slipped past 156th in the world in Queens.

He was defeated in the first match in Queens and after that in the first round of Eastbourne, Stain Wawrinka defeated him on Monday. Murray had suffered a hip injury in the Wimbledon quarter-finals last year. After that, he had undergone surgery in January this year.