FIFA World Cup 2018: France vs Argentina, 16 prediction, Live Score, Live Stream

All you want to know about Argentina’s match against France in the 2018 World Cup final, deadline, ducting channels, expected lineup and numbers. The fans of the ball are waiting for a strong and important match between Argentina and France in the framework of the 16th round of the 2018 World Cup, on Saturday 30 June 2018 AD, corresponding to 16 Shawwal 1439 AH, which will be hosted by Kazan Arena Stadium.

The team stage of all the World Cup teams ended, and after the victory of the Tango dancers on the stubborn Nigerian Eagles two goals against the goal, the teammates Markus Rojo, the winner of the last minute minutes as a group of the fourth group, to face the French giants Group C leaders, and Argentina had begun to match the World Cup with poor performance.

In his first meeting against Iceland, a positive equalizer for each of them, and then received in a clean three-stroke in the second round of the Croatian team, which issued the fourth group after winning all the teams of the group to reduce the chances of qualifying the voter Latin, but the Green Eagles come to greet hope again after his victory over the team to remain the Icelandic possibility to qualify for tango dancers are available, and indeed the last victory over the African eagle qualify for the Argentina team to the round of 16.

Argentina will not miss any players for injury or suspension, and all options will be in front of Sampaoli in order to try to achieve a difficult victory for the national team qualify them to reach the quarterfinals.

The Chilean coach is likely to start with the all-out fight to get past France‘s hard-fought quarter-finals and are expected to give more defensive guidance to tackle the powerful cock attack.

France qualified for the final after defeating Australia 2-1, then beating Peru 1-0. The draw in the last round against Denmark was tied to a negative draw to qualify as the group leader with 7 points and just two points from the dynamite Denmark, the group’s top scorer with 5 points, while the World Cup leaves both the Peru team and the Australian team with 3, 1 points respectively.

Despite the qualification of the cocks but did not provide what is desired of them have seen their games weak performance and victories without much effort, both candidates suffer from poor performance so far, but is expected to show the real face of both teams in the first knockout roles that put them in direct clash together in the first Stages.

Coach Didier Deschamps will enter the game and play it with all his might. There is no substitute for winning the playoffs, and there may be a lot of pressure on the coach and the players. The Duke is one of the most qualified teams to win the World Cup. He has the most powerful players in the world. For fans, the formation is expected to be as follows:

The match between Argentina and France is the twelfth time in which the Sampa won six full games for just two victories for the Duke, while they were drawn in three games. The Latin team managed to maintain a clean net in the final of the 11 games.

Argentina won the World Cup against France, with a 1-0 win in 1930 and a 2-1 win in 1978. On both occasions, they reached the final and held the title in 1978 while they were defeated in 1930.

The last team in South America defeated France in the World Cup Argentina were in 1978, and since then have not beaten the cocks in eight games in the World Cup against South American teams, they won in 4 meetings and a tie in 4.

Argentina went through the first round of the last 12 of their last 13 World Cups, the only time they did not qualify for the second round in the 2002 edition of Korea and Japan. With the exception of the penalty shootout, France has lost only one of their last 11 World Cup qualifiers, while winning 8 and drawing in two matches, a defeat against Germany in July 2014 with no reply.

Since the introduction of Round 16 in 1986, cockroaches have always exceeded this stage whenever they reach it in the years 1986-1988,2006,2014. The French have only received five shots in the group stage of the World Cup so far, and the only goal that settled their net was a penalty kick against Australia.

Argentine striker Lionel Messi has never scored in the World Cup qualifiers, with a total of 666 minutes in the playoffs without goals, while he is the last Argentinian player to score a goal against France in February 2009 in a friendly that ended with a 2-0 win.

Frenchman Olivier Giroud has failed to score in his last 357 minutes at the World Cup and the Euro, his longest unbeaten streak in major tournaments since his last European Cup final in 2016 against Iceland.

The Argentinian flea is the third Argentine player to score in three different World Cup tournaments, along with Diego Maradona, who scored both in 1982,1986,1994, Gabriel Batistuta, who scored in 1994,1998,2002.

The next game is the 80th game for France coach Didier Deschamps, a new record for Raymond Domenech.