Sarfraz Ahmed, Pakistan Vs Australia, Pakistan and Australia compete for T-Twenty20

Pakistan’s cricket team has to play three T20 series in Zimbabwe from July 1, which includes Australia besides Zimbabwe. In the three-match series, in fact, Pakistan’s true competition is from Australia. Both of them are currently the two ICC World Rankings teams.

Pakistan is the first ranked global rankings with 131 points but Australia is not far from it and only five points are keeping it away from Pakistan. If Australia won two league matches against Pakistan in this co-operative series, it could lose Pakistan first position in the global rankings.

In this regard, this series is a major challenge for Pakistan, especially the captain Sarfraz Ahmad from the importance of the match against Australia. Sarfraz Ahmed says there is no weakness in T-T20, and despite Australia’s new players, there is a strong team of T-Tiny, which comes to play this format. It will be a tough series.

Sarfraz Ahmad does not think much about global rankings. He says that there is a pressure on you to become a global number, but they did not even think that the global number is to be made because the actual importance is performed and their team is playing in this format. Try to maintain this continuation.

Sarfraz Ahmed has proved himself a successful captain of T-T20 in two short years. The Pakistani team has not hit any T-T20 series yet.

He was captain of the 2016 ICC World T Twenty20. After winning the only T-Twenty20 against England, he has bowled seven T20 series in Pakistan, including one series against West Indies, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Scotland and World XI.

Sarfraz Ahmed has still led Pakistan team in 22 T20 matches, out of 19, and only three matches have been defeated. They need only one match to become the highest T-Twenty20 captain by Pakistan.

Apart from Sarfraz, Shahid Afridi also won 19 matches, but he led Pakistan team in 43 matches.