FIFA World Cup 2018:Senegal vs Colombia, Colombia climb to the Round of 16 and standards of fair play to oust Senegal from the World Cup

Colombia won the last 16 of the World Cup in Russia after a 1-0 win over Senegal on Thursday in the third round of Group G of the competition, which also saw Poland win over Japan With the same result.

Colombia, who are in fourth place with four points, are on the top of the table with six points, while Senegal, who are in third place with the same score and goal difference after a 2-2 draw in their face, Poland remain in the bottom of the standings with three points.

The game of clean play relates to the number of yellow and red cards obtained by each team. The rules of the tournament provide for the use of standards of fair play to determine the qualifying team in the event of the equal score in two points and the difference of goals and draw in the direct confrontation.

Japan has four yellow cards, while Senegal has six. Barcelona defender Yari Mina took the lead in the match after scoring the only goal of Colombia in the 74th minute, leading him to the playoffs and to meet second-placed Group G.

On the other hand, Senegal doubled the grief of African football, after becoming the fifth representative of the continent, which is the deposit of the group stage in the World Cup, to join the rest of the representatives of African football in the tournament are Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Nigeria, which invited the competition from the first round.