FIFA World Cup 2018: Sweden Vs Mexico, A media tribute to the Swedish team and the claim to commemorate the goal of Grantfest

Sweden’s national football team was hailed by Swedish media on Thursday after qualifying for the second round of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Sweden qualified for the second round after beating Mexico 3-0 on Wednesday in Group F in the first round of the World Cup to top the group with six points and a goal difference just before the Mexican team while the team gave Germany and defending champions South Korea the tournament from the first round.

A columnist in the Swedish newspapers called for the goal of Andreas Grankvist to be commemorated by means of a postage stamp, indicating that he was the key to winning the big and important.

Sweden will meet their Swiss counterpart in the second round of the tournament next Tuesday, while Mexico will meet his Brazilian counterpart. Joan Esc, in his article in the newspaper “Dagens Neither”, said that Grankvist scored the second goal calmly from a penalty to secure the victory of the team.

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He pointed out that the purpose of the Grankfest “was to be imitated by a postage stamp (if the stamps still exist), or the pros and cons of the form of the penalty kick.” The 33-year-old defender maintained the morale of the team during the game and played an influential role in the win.

Grankvist, after yesterday’s game, said he was “very proud” of the team’s tremendous effort. “The World Cup ceremony continues,” the newspaper Svenska Dagblad said on its front page.

Anders Lindblad, the sports journalist in his newspaper article, also referred to the role of Grankvist in this win, which is consistent with what the player has said before: “I will always be in the interest of the team.”

Sweden fans began looking for tickets for the 16-team match. Swedish media reported that fans are now looking for a way to travel to St. Petersburg.

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The Swedish Football Federation said it would publish information on the number of tickets available when it had the information. The Federation noted that the capacity of the stadium is 64,000 fans.

Sweden striker Tuyvenen first expressed hope that the fans’ attempts to travel to St Petersburg would succeed. “The distance between Sweden and St. Petersburg is not far, and there are many ways of moving.”

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Vechterrom said Thursday after a cabinet meeting that a member of the government would attend the match in St. Petersburg.

Sweden was one of the countries that boycotted the opening ceremony of the World Cup in solidarity with Britain, which strained relations with Russia in the past period on a political background.