Iranian Goalkeeper Ali Raza Baharwan: Traveling to Gold to the Football World Cup on the streets

There is a temporary stay of poor immigrants around Tehran’s independence tower. There is a local club just a short distance from here. Outside the door of the club, a six-foot-three-inch newborn sleeps sleeping. Neither the city’s noisy traffic is blocking its sleep, and the sound of the passengers is getting it.

When Ali Raza‘s 19-year-old Opens Opens, he looks at the Iranian rial’s coins and sixth money. He watches quietly for a while, he knows where this money has come but many days Hungry Ali Raza is pleased with a heart that today he will eat food and eat it. It may be a routine scene in the 2.8 million population capital.

But perhaps nobody will be in doubt that four years later, he will stand before the round post to stop the Cristian Ronaldo‘s paneluality in the World Cup match.

Ali Raza Bahrain is from a homeowner family. He left the house at 12 years old. She said, ‘My dad had a lot of problem playing my football.’ They tore my football kit and cut off my round capping gloves. ‘ Some years coming to Ali Reza was one of the worst times in his life. When he came to Tehran for the interpretation of his dreams, he got a coach Hussein Fischer of a local football team.

When Ali expressed his desire to Hessen, Hussein said that you could practice me in our club by giving me 30 pounds every month. Ali Raza did not have money, he started gold outside of the football club. One day Coach Hussein Fiaz was kind to see his madness and hobby, and he started giving al-Qaeda training without money.

Ali Raza did not have the money yet and he worked in the pizza shop, cleaning the roads, and after some time he started to wash the vehicles. People used to call them ‘SUV Master’ on their working jaws due to their long hands. Because they used to wash large vehicles easily because of their long hands.

Ali Raza worked in different places and continued his practice. Shortly afterward, the football club’s Tehran ‘took them to a round-handled after the trials. Ali Raza cleaned the fields and parks in the nights and played in the morning. A time came when his body was unable to endure so much and he was injured. On Sunday, Net Iran removed them from the team and the other team they were practicing were not ready to sign them.

They say, ‘At this time I felt that my dream has remained stubborn’. It’s a fate game or the work of Ali Raza. Oil supply did not get a goalkeeper for its Under-23 team, under 23 years of age. He again called Ali Raza and called Ali Raza back. After that, he did not turn back.

Many talented players in football get the opportunity to play for a good club football at the beginning of their career. But for any player playing for his country, “The Highest of Honors” is the greatest honor. This is the last match of the Football World Cup 2018 Group B. Portugal has got a penalty kick due to an error within the Iranian defense team’s D.

Ronaldo stands in front of the goal spreading legs in his traditional style. As usual, they take a breath of breath twice before ignoring the goalkeeper and looking at the net. On the right side of the Ronaldo’s right side of the rocket, the Penalty Kick flying at the speed of the rocket to the Ali Raza Leopard Stop doing it.

Morodia Stadium is annoying with the noise and screaming of Iranian fans. The Iranian coach is wondering happily and some players are embracing a crazy wing round keeper. The next three are Ali Raza, either a dream for Bahrain. Or the fact for which they worked hard for a long time for years.

He has stopped the world’s penalty player and has announced his arrival in the given football game as well.