FIFA World Cup Russia: Germany vs South Korea, Germany concede a painful defeat by South Korea 2-0 out from the tournament

The defending champions won the 2018 World Cup after beating South Korea 2-0 on Wednesday at Kazan Arena in the third round of Group F matches, Sweden’s 3-1 win over Mexico, Zero in the other game in the group. South Korea’s winner in stoppage time came from Kim Yong-Joon and Sen Hyong Min.

Sweden qualified to top the Group F with six points ahead of Mexico, while Germany conceded a fourth goal difference behind their South Korean counterpart. The German team and its fans received a shocking shock as it was the first time that Germany had graduated from the first round of the World Cup in 80 years.

The hopes of the German team, crowned four years ago in Brazil, have also faded in the form of Italy and Brazil on the list of teams that have managed to maintain the World Cup title.

The German team faced the same fate, which was preceded by the teams of Spain, Italy, and France in the copies of 2014, 2010 and 2002, respectively when she emerged from the first round in the next edition of the crowns crowned the title. The match began with an aggressive attack on the Korean team and defensive defense by the German team, which quickly ended the stage of the pulse and entered the atmosphere of the game strongly.

The German team dominated the game in a few minutes and imposed a siege on the rival in the middle of his home, without rushing to start attempts.

The Korean team almost gave a shock to his German counterpart as Wu Yongjung fired a dangerous free-kick shot in the 18th minute. Noir came up against her but fell from his hand and Sun Hyong-min almost hit the net but Noyer struggled hard before crossing the line.

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The German team tried to regain their dominance but the Korean team refused to make do with defensive defense and imposed their presence in the confrontation, and threatened the German goal again in the 25th minute, but the defendant cooperated with Noir in the face of a dangerous head.

The German team faced suffering in light of the rapid transfer of Korean players to the defense situation as well as lack of understanding among players in some attempts to penetrate the area of the penalty.

German striker Timo Werner penetrated the area and crossed the crossbar in front of the goal, but the defense managed to thwart it. Marco Ruiz also fired from the edge of the box but the defense thwarted the attempt.

The Korean team intensified their focus on blocking the arrival of passes to Tony Crosse and reducing the risk of the movements of Joshua Kimish and Winkles Seoul, and the German team seemed unable to threaten the nets.

Kim Yong-Jun faced a dangerous shot by Werner in the 39th minute, and Korean goalkeeper Hyun Oh-Jo blocked another serious attempt by Mats Hammes amid confusion inside the box.

In the 43rd minute, German defender Jonas Hector moved into the penalty area and then fell to the corner of his teammate Werner, who fired hard but the ball hit the post while the referee pointed to a mistake from Hector.

The second half began with an ambitious ambition for the Korean team since the first minute with a strong shot of Wu Yong Jong but Noir kept the ball steady.

In the 47th minute, the Korean keeper saved a goal from a goal, with Lyon Joritska, who was in front of the goal, with a header and a brilliant header, but the Korean goalkeeper was brilliant in the match.

In the 51st minute, Werner received a cross in the penalty area and shot hard but the ball went straight past the post. The game was suspended in the 54th minute when South Korea‘s Kuo Ja Chaol was injured and the coach was forced to push Hwang Hee-chan instead.

The German team went on to look for the chance, with a counter-attack based on the speed of their players. Germany coach Joachim Loew made his first change in the 58th minute, with Mario Gomez joining Sami Khedira.

The Korean defense responded to a serious attack involving Crosse and Massoud Ozil in the 62nd minute, and Loew made his second substitution by involving Thomas Mueller, the place of Goritska.

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The Korean goalkeeper was again brilliant in the 68th minute as he brilliantly tackled a dangerous Gomez header. Offensive attempts continued between the two teams with an advantage to the German team but suffered under the defensive caution of the Korean team.

Loew pushed Julien Brandt instead of Hector in the 78th minute, and the Korean team was almost a few minutes later. Sun Hyong Min hit a powerful ball from the edge of the box but went straight past the post.

And penetrated the players of the German team in the penalty area of the opponent more than once but the intervention of defense and lack of accuracy in the correction missed a number of opportunities scoring, and Royce shot a ball passed next to the post in the 83rd minute and Kros shot ball over the bar after a second.

Hamels had a golden opportunity to settle for Germany in the 87th minute, when he received a high shot as he positioned himself in front of the goal and shot it with his head but passed directly next to the keeper, At the time when the German team was looking for the kidnapping of the goal that was enough to qualify for the second round with Sweden, received a blow.

In the second minute of stoppage time, German goalkeeper Kim Jung-hoon’s shot was relegated and the referee said there was an infiltration. After continuing with the referee’s verdict, the referee went to check the shot off the pitch to announce his decision to score the goal.

In the sixth minute of stoppage time, the Korean team added the second goal, taking advantage of the full offensive rush of the German team,