FIFA World Cup 2018: Sweden Vs Mexico, Sweden beat Mexico 3-0 and climb to the last 16 of the World Cup

Sweden and Mexico continued their World Cup campaign in Russia after they advanced to the Round of 16 after Sweden beat Mexico 3-0 and Germany (World Champion) 2-0 away to the Korea Republic on Wednesday in the third round. Final) in Group F of the group stage of the World Cup.

Sweden is six points clear, ahead of Mexico, who is in second place. South Korea are third on three points with a goal difference against Germany (bottom).

The Swedes were the best side in the game, with absolute control over the course of the match, while the Mexicans missed their usual level, to win the Viking grandchildren a precious and deserved win, giving them the first qualifying round of the tournament since the 2006 edition of Germany.

Sweden dominated most of the first half but could not score a goal in the face of bad luck, but the second half finally smiled at the Swedes after scoring the three goals.

Ludwig Augustus son opened the scoring for Sweden in the 50th minute, before Andreas Grankvist added the second goal in the 62nd minute. Sweden’s third goal came through friendly fire after Mexico defender Edson Alvarez scored a wrong goal in the 74th minute.

The game began with a massive attack by Sweden, who got a free kick right from the right, and Jesus Gallardo got the fastest warning in the current edition of the competition after only six seconds because of his fierce match against Sweden’s Ola Tuwonen.

Sebastian Larsson took the lead and sent a cross pass to Marcos Berg, who was on the second post, who headed the cross with Andreas Grankvist and Ola Typhon, who did not get the ball, which was eventually removed by the Mexican defense.

Sweden got a free-kick again in the fifth minute, but from the left, after Mexico goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochuya grabbed the ball from outside the penalty area and Emile Forsberg shot the ball straight into the net, but the Mexican goalkeeper narrowly squeezed his hand.

Markus Berg almost opened the scoring in the 12th minute when Ludwig Augustinson made a corner kick, followed by a weak header from Grunkvist, who came to Berg, who had a double back shot but the ball went right past the right post.

Carlos Vela missed an opportunity for Mexico in the 17th minute when Javier Hernandez took the ball from the Swedish defense to take it to Have Lozano, who passed it to Villa to score from the border area.

Sweden responded with a quick attack after 18 minutes, following a cross from the right-hand side to go right into the area, but the ball passed over the crossbar.

The Swedish team stressed their attacks and demanded a penalty kick in the 27th minute after Hernández touched the penalty area in the penalty area. The Argentine referee was forced to resort to the refereeing video technique and decided to resume the game amid protests from Swedish players.

Ochoa broke through a free kick after 29 minutes after a shot from inside the area by Berg, curling the ball into a corner that produced nothing.

The pace of the Sweden team calmed down, giving Mexico the opportunity to exchange attacks, and Miguel Lion from within the area in the 45th minute, but Sweden goalkeeper Robin Olsen was on the lookout.

Berg went on to continue his hobby of wasting chances, starting with a ball from the middle of the pitch, before reaching the penalty area, but he shot without concentration, to hit the net from the outside, and ends the first half with a draw.

The second half began with an attack by Sweden, which translated the control of the game, scored by Augustinson in the 50th minute. A passing pass from the right passed through Victor Clarson, who could not make it to the unguarded Augustinson, who fired a few yards from the goal to the left of Ochoa, who tried to keep the ball out of nowhere. stapler.

Sweden’s spirits rose after the goal, and Forsberg missed the opportunity to strengthen the score in the 52nd minute, after starting the ball and sharing with Toivonen, before he paid from the borders of the region, but the ball was slightly on the crossbar.

Augustus son missed another opportunity in the 54th minute after a fine shot from inside the area passed over the crossbar. Sweden took the lead in the 57th minute with Gustavo Svensson, replacing injured Sebastien Larsson, while Berg went through the crossbar on the right in the 59th minute to give an easy header in Ochoa’s hand.

The 61st minute came as Swede received a penalty after Berg suffered a handicap from Hector Moreno in the penalty area. Grankvist successfully executed the ball and placed the ball firmly on the right of Ochoa to secure the net, scoring Sweden’s second goal in the 62nd minute.

Mexico made its first switch in the 65th minute with Benzio Fabian instead of Gerardo. Fabian fired a resounding volley from outside the area in the 66th minute, but crashed into the Swedish defense, taking the ball to an untapped corner.

Sweden made the second change in the 68th minute with Isak Telin’s replacement instead of injured Berg. Hernandez went on a free kick in the 70th minute and, with a fine header, went off to a free kick.