FIFA World Cup 2018: Brazil vs Serbia, LIVE football score,Brazil needs at least draws

Brazil, who have not lost a single match in the last four World Cups if they have to maintain their record, will have to get rid of the fear of being out of the first round before entering the match against Serbia. Only those of Brazil who played the last 38 matches in the World Cup stage of the tournament had to face defeat once in 1998, but by then their team had made a place in the knockout. Meanwhile, he won 29 matches and scored eight.

Now against Serbia, it also needs a win or a draw. Brazil played their first match 1-1 from Switzerland in Group E, but in the second match, they defeated Costa Rica 2-0. He has just four points in two matches. The Swiss team also has the same number of points.

Serbia is third in the group with three points due to the loss from Switzerland in the last match and he will be able to make a place in the final 16 after winning the match. If Serbia win and Switzerland also beat Costa Rica in the second match of the group, then Brazil will be out in the first round for the first time in the World Cup.

Costa Rica v Switzerland

Switzerland will try to get at least one point in the Group E match against Costa Rica to confirm its place in the knockout of the World Cup. When everyone’s eyes are fixed on the match between Brazil and Serbia, Switzerland will try to make it to the final 16th place. For this, he needs to draw or win against Costa Rica. Costa Rica is already out of the knockout race by losing both of their first matches.

If the Swiss team wins a big win, then it can also reach the top in the group and in such a second round it may have to face the current champion Germany. If the Brazilian team defeats Serbia, then the Swiss team will go into knockout even if they lose to Costa Rica.

Switzerland has performed well so far. He stopped Brazil at par and then won Serbia. Not only that, FIFA has only fined three players Zardan Shaquir, Granit Haka, and Stephen Lichtenner.