FIFA World Cup 2018: 4 verses on Wednesday, will break 80 years of Germany record?

Moscow: The advent of FIFA World Cup 2018 is increasing day by day and the whole world looks dazzling in its color. There are four bouts in FIFA on Wednesday. In which eight teams will fight for victory on the field. The first match will be played on Tuesday between South Korea and Germany. In the second match, the teams of Mexico and Sweden will face to face. Serbia will face Brazil in the third match, while in the fourth match there will be competing against Switzerland and Costa Rica.

South Korea v / s Germany

The first match at the FIFA World Cup in 2018 will be played between South Korea and Germany on Wednesday. This match of Group F is very important for Germany because the win in this match can only allow him to enter the next round and apart from the result of the second match of the group he will have to rely on.

Germany’s team is one of the most successful teams in the history of the World Cup, he has won the World Cup title four times, while the same has been runners-up four times, and has reached the semi-finals five times, but this time Germany’s final 16 Not sure yet.

If Germany’s team gets out of the league round this year, then it will be 80 years later in the history of the World Cup when Germany cannot reach the second round. At the same time, South Korea’s team has not won a single match and it has already been out of the World Cup. In this match, he will have to end his World Cup campaign with respect to victory.

Mexico v / s Sweden

The second match will be played between Mexico and Sweden on Wednesday. This match of Group-F is very important for both countries because the victory in this match will decide which country will reach in the next round. On the one hand, to make Sweden a place in the next round, the match will be won by a margin of 2-0, while Mexico will be able to win the next round, though it will have to rely on the second outcome of the group match for this.

Serbia v / s Brazil

The third match on Wednesday will be played between Serbia and Brazil from 19.00 onwards. This match is very important for Serbia because, in this competition of Group E, entry of Brazilian Football World Cup 2018 is almost certain. Brazil has played 2 matches so far, one of which has won, the other is a draw. On the other hand, Serbia’s team has also played two matches, one of which lost them and won one. Serbia has three points in its two matches played so far, and it is on the third position in its group.

Switzerland v / s Costa Rica

The final match of Wednesday will be between Switzerland and Costa Rica from 19:00 onwards. This match is very important for Switzerland because if he wants to make his place in the last 16, he will have to win this match at all times. On the other hand, Costa Rica has already been out of the tournament due to losing both the initial matches.