Cricket, International Cricket Council , Over 1 billion fans of cricket worldwide, 92% prefer T-20: ICC survey

There is more than a billion fan of cricket all over the world, and 92 percent of them prefer the most popular format T-20. It has been revealed in a global survey conducted by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

According to this ICC survey, on one hand, there are over one billion fans of cricket in the world, while 90 percent of them come from the subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka).

The ICC has done this survey to find out how the development of cricket is happening. Through this, the ICC will help in working on the further strategy for the global development of this game.

Surveys have been done in 12 countries including China and America. According to this, fans who want cricket are aged 16 to 69 years old and the average age of cricketers who want cricket in the world is 34 years.

This survey conducted by the top body of cricket has revealed that after T20, about 88 percent of people are interested in ODIs. Almost 87 percent of people believe that the T20 format should be included in the Olympic Games. 95 percent of people still like the 50-over World Cup and T-20 World Cup.

The report can be made public at the ICC’s annual conference in Dublin at the end of this week. It has been reported in the research that 68 percent of fans are interested in women’s cricket while 65 percent of women are interested in the World Cup. Apart from this, nearly 70 percent of fans want more and more women’s cricket to be broadcast.

It is believed that Test cricket is ending with the arrival of T-20, but after this survey, this assumption has been proved wrong. About 70 percent of the over 19,000 people surveyed (ages 16 to 69) prefer test cricket.