Leaving FIFA sanctions raises Switzerland’s morale in the face of Costa Rica in the World Cup

The Swiss national team has a high level of morale after three of their main players were dropped from possible penalties by the International Federation of Football (FIFA) before Wednesday’s decisive match against Costa Rica in the third round of the Group F match in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Swiss began their World Cup campaign with a valuable draw with Brazil 1/1 and then increased their chances of qualifying for the second round after beating Serbia 2-1.

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The Swiss team needs to draw a draw or a win at Nizhny Novgorod to qualify for the match between the Brazilian and Serbian teams at the same time at the Tikrit Arena in Moscow.

The Swiss team will play the game tomorrow with high confidence after beating Serbia and morale high after FIFA decided not to impose sanctions on three of his players after giving gestures with political messages, the celebration during the match Serbia.

FIFA has allowed Ghanaian Shaka, Sheridan, and captain Stephan Lichtsteiner to participate in the Swiss team, despite their celebrations of provocative gestures to the Serbian fans during the second round match.

Shakira and his teammate Shaka celebrated the match against Serbia in a similar way, putting the two hands together with thumb fingers to represent the Flying Eagle symbol.

The way of the celebration provoked the anger of the Serbian masses, as the gesture was a symbol of the slogan of the Albanian movement against Serbia during the Balkan war of the nineties of the last century. It is worth noting that the two players are descendants of Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008.

Serbia has not recognized the independence of Kosovo, and the situation of tension remains strong between the two sides.

According to FIFA rules, Shaka and Shakira could have been suspended for two matches, but the International Federation decided to charge and warn the duo. Chaka and Shakira are fined 10,000 Swiss francs and Stefan Leichsteiner has been fined five thousand Swiss francs for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Serbian striker Alexander Mitrovic commented on Shakira’s behavior, saying: “As long as he likes Kosovo in this way and decided to show off his knowledge, why did he refuse to play for her team?”

These gestures had far-reaching implications for the Swiss, causing divisions among the Swiss. The press spoke of the matter, but a number of Swiss players said the controversy reinforced the team’s determination. “The moral of the team is better now, we are connected and we are more connected,” defender Michael Lange said.

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The Swiss have a high morale of their players, but they also pin their hopes on Shaka and Lichtsteiner as well as Shakira, who has taken part in five of Switzerland’s last six World Cup goals.

Tomorrow’s match may also see changes in the Swiss squad’s match against Serbia. Croatian striker Dynamo Zagreb may be in the starting line-up after a bench-trick against Serbia and set up a goal, while Harris Seferovic is likely to be eliminated.

On the other hand, the Costa Rican side is looking to wipe out the dust of their defeats against Serbia 1-0 and Brazil 2-0 and is looking for scoring their first goal at the World Cup.

The Costa Rican side is hoping to break the record, failing to win any of their last four encounters against European teams.