2018 FIFA World Cup, Denmark Vs France, Deng seize down, and French training

Group C did not have any significant coups or wonders, as expected, as group champions entered the pre-quaternary quarter. French has six points, followed by Denmark with four points and Australia with 3 points. Group contests in group care the only two matches where the curtains fall off. France will face Denmark and Australia with Peru.

The first two matches were won by group champions France only today. But this match has passed Successfully enter the pre-ward watch enterprise with Greece and others. French captain and goalkeeper Doris announced that players, including Progabas, could be rested from the match today. The French team is still in the top four in the F1 team of the Russian World Cup.

Denmark has the second place in the world if it has a draw against France’s previous champions France. The match will depend on the outcome of Australia and Peru. If Kangaroos defeat Peru in the margins and Denmark lose to France, then Australia will be the second round of Australia. And it is not.

In the first match of the match, Peru was defeated by an unbeaten goal. Denmark is the second in the group with four points.

Australia will face Peru in Group C The match was inevitable with Denmark, but Australia’s pre-quaternary access still does not end there, but only with the passing of fortunes. If France defeats Denmark and wins the match against Peru, it will be the next round.

Peru, who lost to France and Denmark, lost their hopes but the best performance was their focus on strong opponents. Jefferson Farfan, who suffered a brain injury during his training, suffered a brain injury but could not play in the match against Australia. Peru is fighting against Soccers only with the goal of consoling victory.