James Pattinson, The Australian cricketer gave a serious warning on the future of fast bowlers

Australian fast bowler James Pattinson has given a big warning to the fast bowlers all over the world. Pattinson has said that the future of fast bowlers is a threat due to excessive cricket playing in the current round. Due to much cricket being played, perhaps fast bowlers have to be forced to play only one format of the game in the coming days.

During a conversation with a news website, Pattinson said that he thinks that nowadays many cricket formats are being played together so that in the days to come, fast bowlers should be limited to the same format of cricket. Or they may only participate in ODIs.

Pattinson, giving the example of the current England team, said that England’s team has different bowlers in every format of cricket. There are separate bowlers for the England team for one-dayers. Looking at their bowlers, England has done a great job, Stuart Broad and James Anderson serve only in Test matches, this has resulted in their bowling attack becoming more sharp, coming to see the number of increasing cricket matches in the current period. These days, England’s strategy can be adopted by all countries.