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Colombia and Poland enter the field for a “final” on Sunday (24), at the Kazan Arena. After defeat in the first round, the two teams arrive pressed to the clash and seeking to avoid a goodbye pr. Two players have extra pressure for the match – Robert Lewandowski and Falcao García. After a lower-than-expected performance of both on the debut, the attackers will have a chance of redemption.

So far, names like Diego Costa, Harry Kane, Lukaku, and Suárez have already shown the artillery power in Russia. Both the Polish and the Colombian will need to “disenchant” in the second round to join the group.

In the case of Falcao, the goal need is even greater. That is because the forward has already added a sequence of six games without scoring (three by Colombia and three by Monaco). The last time the player rocked the nets was on April 7th.

Aware of the need for rehabilitation of Colombia, the striker himself has admitted a decisive climate towards the Poles and asked for special attention with Lewandowski.

“We know that Lewandowski is a top scorer who can finish the chances that are created within the area. Therefore, we must mantes the control of the midfield and, above all, be very careful in all the details, “said the Colombian. The good news for Falcao, however, is the likely return of James Rodriguez to the starting lineup. Coach José Pékerman has doubts about the presence of the midfielder but has already indicated the possibility of qualification.

For the side of the Polish striker, waiting for the goal is no different. Poland’s top scorer, Lewandowski knows of the need to show decisive power in the World Cup to reassert himself as one of the great names of them.

The president of the Polish football federation acknowledges the expectation of the top player in the country, but he played down the pressure by comparing him to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Is there a lot of pressure on him? I do not think so. Stars are always under more pressure. In Portugal is Ronaldo, Argentina is Messi and in Poland is Lewandowski. We are talking about who I consider the best 9 shirts in the world, “

In addition, there is another motivational factor for the attackers. Both will compete for the first World Cup and an elimination still in the group stage would be below any expectation. It is worth mentioning that Colombia and Poland were pointed.