FIFA PREVIEW: Who will win in the confrontation among the ranks, African horses Senegal? Asian strong Japanese?

At the Outer Autobahn stadium, Asia Africa is the battlefield. In the second match, Seniors will face the Asian champions Junia from Group E. In the World Cup, an Asian country in the history of the world is undermined by the United States in the history of the Russian Carnaval, as it became the first African country to win the World Cup in the World Cup.

The penalty kicks off the penalty box with a red card and the penalty kicks off against Japan in the first innings. The Netherlands won the match, but the last win came close to the Asian team.

Jumanji Kowanjay and Yaya Osaka were the only players in the South American team who won the gold medal for the gold medal. If you win today, Japan will be the first , Asian team, to reach the next round. One of the remaining hopes on the teams representing the Asian continent is the locals of Udaya Sundari.

16 years after African Cups, Senegal, who went on to win a World Cup match, became one of the biggest coasters in Rush. Senegal was filled with the fact that Poland did does not make it to the 27th team. Defeat Tyaga Reynal Sonnek’s second goal was scored by the goal-goal team for the Senegalese team. The Eurovision golfer won Poland’s Crichowy for Poland.

Saina’s weapon against Japan is still a magic of 20 goals in the last season for Liverpool against Poland. Senegal, which had beaten France in 2002, advanced to the quarter-finals.

Today, African Power will enter the next round. Senegal’s next match in Colombia. The World Cup warm-up match will be strengthened by the fact that Senegal’s World Cup has come to defeat South Korea two goals.

The eighth stadium will be witnessing the fierce contingent of first-time opponents in the second round.