The West is not bright Oriental beauty The beauty economy is booming in China

When it comes to the “Miss World” pageant competition, people will naturally think of prostitutes from all over the world wearing bikinis or gorgeous evening dresses to show off, to the audience and the judges to show their gorgeous appearance and slim bodybuilding figure. But the news from the United States will make it all history.

The “Miss America” contest of “Miss World” announced that it would withdraw the bikini appearance, which is the so-called “Beach Beauty” event. The judges will no longer simply consider the size of the contestants; at the same time, the evening dress contest will be canceled and replaced. It is to ask participants to choose clothes that best represent their individual temperament and characteristics.

Miss Gretchen Carlson, who was elected in 1989, will soon become the chairman of the Miss America Beauty Council. She said that the judges will pay more attention to the talents, personal passions, and comprehension of the meaning and obligation of being Miss World.

Since the 1950s, a variety of pageant contests have become a unique form of women’s performances and competitions in various parts of the world. Among them, the Miss World and Miss Universe contests are best known and scaled up. maximum.

The “Miss World” competition originated in the United Kingdom and was part of the New Year celebration in 1951. At that time it was called the “Festival Bikini Competition.” It was later called “The Miss World” by the British media and it became the annual international beauty contest.

Not only did they wear bikinis, but they also added evening wear, intelligence, and sports competitions, but the bikini competition is still the most valued item in the competition.

So far, the “Miss World” beauty contest has been held in more than 60 countries in more than 60 sessions and has become an influential annual fashion event in the world. The beauty pageant competition is also increasingly making peace with the world and enhancing the status of women.

Rights and interests, as well as charity activities to help hungry children. Each year, the winner of the “Miss World” title will serve as a beauty contest ambassador for the year and will tour cultural and charitable events around the world.

However, this kind of beauty contest has always been criticized by feminists. Especially in Europe and the United States, people’s interest in this kind of beauty pageant has decreased. No matter how this activity is linked to cultural and charitable activities, its essence is still to show the female figure. And looks beautiful for the purpose.

The venue for the hosting of the World Beauty Contest has also increasingly shifted to countries and regions outside Europe and the United States.

Since the 1990s, Sun City in South Africa has hosted the “Miss World” competition many times, which not only brings a great reputation to the city but also brings huge economic benefits. It is called “beauty economy”.

In the 21st century, China, once known to the West as a “blue ant country” due to the monotonous color of its clothing, has achieved the thrill of “Miss World” beauty pageant after 20 years of economic reform and opening up. One “Miss World” from Mainland China – Zhang Yulin, another Chinese girl Yu Wenxia won the 62nd “Miss World” finals in 2012.

However, the Bikini and evening dress contests of the “Miss World Missouri Page” contest will definitely not cause controversy in China, because the economic benefits brought about by the “Beauty Economy” can negate such concerns.

Since 2003, the “Miss World” China Contest and Finals have been held several times in the picturesque city of Sanya in Hainan Province in China. This not only promotes the popularity of the city, but also tourism, real estate, and cosmetics for Sanya. Fashion, jewelry, photographic equipment and other industries have had a tremendous impact. These so-called beautiful incomes have contributed to the economic development in Sanya.

Even the international organizers of the “Miss World” Contest also believe that China’s economic development has made it the focus of the world’s attention. Choosing to hold a contest in China is because China is a big market to be developed, with ample spending power and enough beauty. The prosperous sponsors participate in the beauty contests and the prospects are very tempting.

Some scholars said that China has entered the “Pan-American era.” Driven by economic interests, various types of beauty pageant activities in China are on the rise: “Miss China”, “Miss China”, “National Flower Competition”, “China Tourism Miss Contest”, “Miss Fashion”, “Miss New Silk Road”, “ “Network Miss” and so on, there are a variety of forests.

Although in the West, the beauty contest has been regarded as outdated and obsolete. It is the remnant of the old feminine doll concept and gradually left out, but in China, it is still seen as an active activity to promote the economy. People pay more attention to the benefits of “beauty economy”.

Over the past few years, after China’s economic development and increase in people’s income, Chinese people’s consumption in fashion, clothing, cosmetics, and cosmetic surgery has been increasing. More and more Chinese are paying more attention to changes in international fashion trends, and “Miss World” The impact of the international beauty contest on Chinese consumer attitudes is obvious.

Some economists believe that the beauty pageant activity has driven the development of peripheral industries, and the temperament and cultivation of the contestants have also promoted the cultural industry. “beautiful” has become a resource for chasing profits, eliminating bikinis and evening wear? It should be more than good.