Romelu Lukaku, a footballer who struggled with hunger and darkness, read the story of struggle

Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku scored two goals against Panama and gave the team a fantastic start in the World Cup. However, very few people know that this star player’s childhood was spent in poverty. He had decided to become a footballer just to improve the economic condition and the way of life.

Things like starvation in childhood

Recalling the old days in an interview given to a website, Lukaku said that when he was younger, his house lacked food. Not only that, they had to live in the dark sometimes because they did not have the money to pay electricity bills.

25-year-old Luqaku said, “We did not have enough money to meet the needs of the whole week. We were not only poor but were very poor. Although my father was a professional footballer, he was in the final stages of the career and all the money was over.

This forward recalled that he was just six years old when he realized the poverty of his family. He saw his mother mixing water with milk so that it could be sufficient for all. After this, he had decided that as a professional footballer, he would get his family out of poverty.

He also showed this on the basis of his talent. Now he plays with a club like Manchester United. Earlier, he has shown his talent in clubs such as Chelsea, West Bromwich Albion, and Everton. Lukaku is the record scorer for Belgium. He has scored 38 goals in 70 matches.