Miss Sherlock, “Cliff Petit Hotel!” Later on after the last round

Hulu’s original serial drama “Miss Sherlock“, which was the first episode of the eighth episode to be delivered on Friday, Friday, the seventh consecutive week. Voices wishing for a sequel as soon as they got up, which resulted in the high evaluation of fans.

We also co-produced with the HBO Asia division who worked on the popular overseas drama “Game of Thrones” and so on, we were able to gain support not only from domestic drama-loving viewers but also from many overseas drama fans It is drawing attention from the world as a new domestic drama. And, the last story on the 17th (Sunday) “The Cliff Petit Hotel!” Ranked second.

The story struggling hotel staff members of the Kussei-related group delivered laughter and impression to many viewers to rebuild the old-fashioned hotel which was on the verge of bankruptcy.

In Hulu, we started delivering the original story that draws the birthday after the last round. Kenjiro Yamashita (third generation J Soul Brothers) and Yamaguchi Norihara (E – girls) also appeared, as well as performers familiar with the main part, and depict the success of the staff involved in trouble again.

Hulu which is delivering the whole story can also look back at the main story many times, so those who become “cliffsophostus” can also enjoy Hulu original stories that can meet again love characters.

Currently, in Hulu, a feature featured by the popular actor Michiya Nakamura‘s acting as a “Mimiok actor“, the Chameleon actor appeared in “Miss Sherlock” and “Miss Sherlock!”.

In addition, various special features that will be useful even when you get lost are posted, such as the mystery feature you would like to recommend to “Miss Sherlock”, the feature tailored to the opening of the World Cup showing the excitement, etc. Because it is inside, be sure to pay attention.