FIFA World Cup:Carlos Vela, Javier Hernandez, South Korea beat Mexico by 1-2

In the first FIFA World Cup held in Russia, defeating the current champion Germany, defeating a bigger opponent, Mexico today will want to beat South Korea and enter the last-16.

Mexico is in second place after Sweden with three points in Group F and now she has a chance to reach the next round. At the same time, South Korea suffered a 0-1 defeat in Sweden in their first match, thanks to which the team is at number four on the bottom of the group.

Mexico has performed far more than expected in the tournament and has surprised the world by defeating Germany. In Germany and Mexico, no one expected that Mexico would do something like that.

But with the only goal of his 22-year-old player, Hervig Lozano, in the 35th minute, Mexico opened the account with a win in the competition. This is the first win against Mexico’s Germany since 1985.

Mexico has not lost its second match since the World Cup in Argentina in 1978, so far in the World Cup. The team would like to maintain its record against Korea as well.

Mexico and Korea are facing a second time in the World Cup Both teams fought for the first time in France in 1998, 20 years ago when Mexico defeated Korea 3-1. Mexico will try to fight against Korea with a psychological edge.

Everyone in this match will be on Xavier Hernandez, who is one match away from completing his 50 international matches and he can achieve this feat against Korea. The 30-year-old Hanardez has scored the most goals for his country so far, and Mexico would also be expected to score a goal against Korea.

Mexico is also considered to be the winner of the match against Korea because Mexico’s team has never lost to Asian teams in the history of the World Cup. However, the record is set to break and South Korea wants it to be meaningful.

On the other hand, South Korea’s record in the World Cup is not correct. Since returning to the World Cup in Mexico in 1986, South Korea never won their second match in the tournament. After the defeat of Sweden, the morale of the team has dropped. The team will have great expectations from their star midfielder Sunguyang who will play their 104 matches.

The only team that went to the World Cup semi-finals in Asian countries, South Korea had the chance to score a free kick in the sixth minute against Sweden. Kim Shin Wuk tried to reach the shot of Son from a header to the goal post, but he went very far from the net and missed the chance to open South Korea‘s account.

Although the team would like to take the inspiration from the other teams of Asia’s winning team and to do something new against Mexico. Korea’s defensive midfielder Jung Wu Young has also repeated this point.