FIFA World Cup: Nigeria Vs Iceland, Nigerian defeats Iceland, places Argentina’s hopes

Moscow, Nigeria defeated Iceland team by 2-0 in a thrilling encounter of Group D of the FIFA World Cup 2018 played at the Volgograd Arena. Moses made both these goals for Nigeria. While this victory of Nigeria has put Ireland on the verge of being out of the World Cup, Argentina has awakened the hopes of reaching the Round of 16. Following this victory, Nigeria has also joined the race to reach the Round of 16. Let us know that Croatia has already made a place in the round-of-16 from this group. The other team is competing for the other team.

In the first half of the match, Nigeria kept the pressure on Iceland while showing the aggressive game from the start. Iceland got the first corner of the match in the 6th minute, but Gilfy could not afford to take this opportunity. By 25 minutes of play, Nigeria played a great game and took the heavy test of Iceland’s defense and kept attacking.

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In the 44th minute of the match, Edouve was shown yellow card after he fouled. Score 0-0 at halftime. In the first half, Nigeria has 60% ball pausing, while Iceland has 40% ball basement.

The second half was quite exciting. Nigeria also kept the pressure on Iceland in this. In the 49th minute of the match, Nigerian Musa scored the goal and gave the team a 1-0 lead. On the fantastic cross of Nigeria, Moses scored this goal while controlling the ball. This was the third goal of Moses’s World Cup. Musa became the first player to score goals in two World Cups from Nigeria Iceland got a corner in the 60th minute of the match, but Gilly failed to convert it into goals.

Iceland got a free kick from 35 yards away from the Nigerian goalpost, on which Gilpin made a direct shot but the 19-year-old goalkeeper Ujhoe stopped him. In the 75th minute Moses scored the match and scored his second goal. Moses took the long ball under his control and rose to the goal and scored a magnificent goal by scoring the Iceland goalkeeper.

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Iceland got the chance to shoot a penalty in the 81st minute of the match, but Siegarden failed to frustrate her. In this way, Nigeria won the match. In the match, Iceland made 10 out of 10 complete injections which included 3 on targets. At the same time Nigeria made 16 attempts, out of which 4 were on targets. While Iceland fouled 9, Nigerians also made 10 fouls. In the match, Nigeria had 57% ball position, while Iceland had 43% ball pausing.

With this victory, Nigerian Group D has come in second place with 3 points, while there is a danger of being out of the tournament on Iceland. Nigeria have to play their next match against Argentina. If Nigeria wins this match, then they will make their way straight into the Round of 16, while Argentina will have to beat Nigeria in every turn to make the round-of-16 place. With this, Argentina will also have to pray that Iceland will lose the next match to Croatia. In the event of a win over Iceland’s Croatia, the second team will be decided on the basis of the goal difference.