FIFA World Cup: Brazil vs Costa Rica, Brazil defeat Costa Rica by 2-0

Sochi After the referee gave the penalty to Brazil’s five-time champion Brazil, he himself had ruled out the penalty but Brazil’s FIFA World Cup soccer tournament on Friday, in the injections of Philip Coutinho and Neymar, made a Group E match against Costa Rica on Friday. 2-0 in the win.

This is the first win in Brazil’s World Cup and Neymar‘s first goal. The Brazilian group has got four points and its claim to move to the next round has been strengthened. This is the second defeat of Costa Rica and she has been out of the World Cup. Costa Rica suffered a 0-1 defeat in Serbia in their opening game, while Brazil had stopped Switzerland for a 1-1 draw.

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In the match played at St. Petersburg, five-time champion Brazilian team was consistently missing the match, and in the 77th minute the referee had also given Brazil a penalty because of Neander in the box, but Costa Rica players It was strongly opposed, after which the referee himself went out of the sideline and saw the replay on the TV. The referee then returned to the ground and dismissed the penalty.

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The Brazilian team and Neymar were quite frustrated after this, but they continued their attack on Costa Rica, which benefited them in an injection time. In the last 90 minutes, there was no goal, and the match was moving towards the draw, but the match drew dramatically and Brazil scored two goals in the time of injury.

PhilipCoutinhoo, taking advantage of the opportunity found in the minute before the injection time, scored a goal that gave Brazil a boost from the distance of six meters. Neymar made his second goal of Brazil after six minutes after the volley.