FIFA World Cup, Belgium vs Tunisia, Belgium frustrate Tunisia and put ahead on its account in the second round


The Belgian team took the lead in the second round of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where they continued their strong start and beat Tunisia 5-2 on Saturday at the Tikrit Arena in Moscow in the second round of the Group G games.

The match for the Belgian team was a double from both Eden Hazard and Romilo Lukacs, who raised the score to four goals equal to Cristiano Ronaldo, top of the list of top scorers, and added substitute Michi Patchway, the fifth goal for Belgium.

The Belgian team lifted their points to six points in Group B, three points clear of their English counterpart who will face Panama on Sunday. Tunisia remains without points, losing their first game against England 2-1.

The only hope for the Tunisian team is the victory of the Panama team tomorrow’s game, as in the event of draw or win of England any result tomorrow, the two cards qualify for the group officially for Belgium and England, regardless of the results of the third round.

In the 17th minute, the second half of the second half was followed by a second-half penalty by the French side. In the second half, Eden Hazard scored his second goal and the fourth for the Belgian team in the 51st minute, and substitute Michi Patchway added the fifth goal to Belgium in the 90th minute before Wahbi Al Khazri ended the scoring with the second goal of Tunisia in the last minute.

The match began with a fierce offensive by the Belgian team, which advanced two early goals but the Tunisian team responded to Dylan Mahmoud Bron to regain his balance and enter the atmosphere of the game more, and his offensive attempts and imposed his superiority clearly for a long period of the first half, but ended with the third goal of Belgium, which Had a clear impact on the morale of the Tunisian team.

The Tunisian team played the second half with great pressure and desperation to some of the elements with the addition of Hazard, the fourth goal for Belgium and the Tunisian team appeared to be physically collapsed and almost conceded more goals if Farouk Ben Mustapha shines and enter defenders at crucial moments.

It is worth mentioning that the defeat is the largest of the Tunisian team in the record of its participation in the World Cup, the fifth time that Tunisia participated in the finals of the World Cup, has emerged from the first round in the past four times.

The game began with a fast pace of play, and the Belgian team began to show their enthusiasm for the attack early as Lukako launched into the goal in the second minute and almost paid off, but Tunisian goalkeeper Farouk Ben Mustapha came out at the right moment and threw the ball.

Thomas Monnet followed a goblet in the left foot with a left foot that the Tunisian keeper kept up. In the fifth minute, American referee Antonio Marovo awarded a penalty to the Belgian team for Eden Hazard to be blocked by Siam Ben Youssef, and Hazard made the strike, scoring a goal for Belgium in the seventh minute.

The Tunisian team tried to keep calm and enter the atmosphere of the match, but the net was almost again shaken in the 13th minute after a quick counter-attack ended with a cross from Lucca to Hazard, who shot without hesitation but the Tunisian goalkeeper did the ball brilliantly.

The Tunisian team demanded a penalty for the injury of Wahbi al-Khazri to block by Jan Vertekchen, but the referee pointed to the continuation of play and then the yellow card was issued in the face of Al-Farahani Sasi after a second to object to the arbitral decisions.

In the 16th minute, the Belgian team strengthened their lead with a second goal as Lukako took advantage of a defensive shot and sped the ball into the penalty area and then shot the ball hard into the net.

Tunisia’s reaction was not long after they beat Belgium in the 18th minute when Wahbi Al Kharazi sent a free-kick from Dylan Braun with a header into the net to reduce the Belgian team’s lead to 2-1. Two minutes later, the Tunisian goalkeeper was very much in the mood for a dangerous ball amid confusion inside the box.

The game stopped in the 21st minute after the fall of Tunisian Dylan Bron injured and went on a portable stretcher to push coach Nabil Maaloul Hamdi Alqqaz place in the first substitutions of the match.

Despite the offensive risk of the Belgian team in the element of speed, the Tunisian team did not resort to defensive retreat but led to the offensive attempts until the imposition of Carthage Eagles exceeded their offensive for minutes.

The Tunisian team launched a serious attack in the 30th minute starring Al-Khawi and substitute Hamdi Al-Naqaz and ended with a shot from Al-Farahani Sassi but the ball passed directly next to the post, while the Belgian goalkeeper Tibo Kurtwa to a serious payment from Wahbi Al-Khazri.

He stopped playing in the 35th minute after Al-Khazari fell injured and left the field but quickly returned and continued playing. Tunisian Seyam Ben Youssef was injured in the 41st minute and Johan Ben Alwan took his place. The Belgian team pressed hard through the remaining minutes of the first half hoping to secure a third goal.

The Belgian team launched a serious attack in the first minute of stoppage time ended with Kevin De Bruin’s show did not need more than a touch of Lukaku to settle the net, but was not caught in the chase under the bar.

In the final seconds of injury time for the first half, Lukako added a third goal to Belgium, where the team launched an attack started with a defensive edge from Ali Maaloul and ended the heroic from Thomas Munier to Lukako