FIFA 2018: Coping between Poland and Colombia, the losing team will be out of the knockout race

In the FIFA World Cup Group-H, losing their first match, Poland, and Colombia teams will be on Sunday in front of each other at the Kazan Arena Stadium, then their effort will be to register their first win in the tournament.

With this, the team that wins this match will become Sikandar as the losing team will be out of the knockout race. In the history of the World Cup, Colombia and Poland will compete for the first time against each other and be winning is the only option for them to stay in the tournament.

Bad start of both: Poland in 1-2 matches in their first match from Senegal, while Colombia had to beat Japan 1-2. Poland and Colombia have not yet opened the account of points. The Poland team was sitting on a suicide note against Senegal, due to which she had to suffer. If this is not a suicide goal, then the match ends on the draw and it gets a score.

Poland needs Robert: Forward David Covina of Poland can get a chance this time in the last eleven, who had played in the second half as a substitute player. Kamal Glick, who plays as a center back, has completely recovered from the shoulder injury, but despite his playing in the next match, it looks suspicious. In the previous match, star player and captain Robert Levandovoski was struggling to get the ball, due to which Poland could not do something special in the match. The team would want that Levandovski play well against Colombia.

Confident about James: The Colombian team will have to rely on their own midfielder James Rodriguez, who scored six goals in the previous World Cup. James is the most useful midfielder of the team and due to his absence, the team has suffered the loss in the previous match.

James can be part of the team in this match, who played as a substitute in the last match. Apart from this, the team will also like to improve their previous performance. The team competed in the sixth minute in a match against Japan, which opened its defense pole. Poland can dent its defense. Apart from this, it will be the responsibility of the striker Radmel Falcao to score goals on the shoulders.