Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, who came to India, together with ‘Who’ is looking for everyone

Priyanka Chopra reached Mumbai on late night They have come to know since they had taken TV show Quantico in America. But some special headlines have been collected. Social media became active. Photos were shot.

Why so. Because he was accompanied by American singer-actor and nowadays Priyanka’s special friend Nick Jonas. Priyanka’s American TV show has ended and she will now start preparing for her first film India after two years. In the film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Salman Khan will be his hero and will co-direction Patani.

Priyanka Chopra’s relationship has been attacked in foreign media for some time now. This is also because Priyanka and Nick are seen together many times. The talk reached marriage with love relationship.

Although mother Madhu Chopra has already said that the Desi Boy will be the groom for a desi girl. But Priyanka has been a foreign girl since the country’s two years, and her choice has also come as Nick Jonas.

Jonas India has come to roam or there is something else that is yet to be revealed. Nick is the 25-year-old singer, writer, actor, and record producer. If you want to see the work of Indian films too, then a better guide than Priyanka can be who can be for them. However, in the drizzle of Mumbai last night, both came out very secretly and sat in the car and headed home. The camera was not even fully caught.

Priyanka Chopra has captured her memoirs and memorabilia in the pages of the book and the book will be released next year. Its name has been ‘unfinished’. This book, publishing on behalf of a well-known publication house, will include Priyanka‘s essays, stories, and some such episodes, which Priyanka has felt. The book will be published simultaneously in America, UK, and India. ‘Unfinished’ will be full of some funny tales, rebellious episodes and bold statements, which have been claimed by Priyanka.

According to Priyanka, a foreign-born girl, “It all will be like my mood. I am a very private person. So far I have not spoken a lot about myself but now I am ready for it. I am doing this so that people and especially women get inspiration from my stories, especially for women. ” Priyanka considers it a women’s manifesto. This book will also be for women who believe in the fact that they did not get everything that they were official.