FIFA World Cup 2018: Messi could not run again, will Argentina arrive in the second round?

Argentina was the most important match in the FIFA World Cup matches in Russia on Thursday. Argentine’s captain Lionel Messi had severe pressure before Croatia. Argentine’s team was watching Messi and Messi had to lose his first match in which he failed to score the penalty.

But Argentine’s team’s body, League, had changed in a match against Croatia on Thursday. Croatia defeated Argentina by three zero and was taken to the next round, but Messi’s team was shifted to the brink of the World Cup. Three Zero Strike against Argentine Croatia and a zero against Iceland. Winning with big margins against Nigeria will not be enough.

If Iceland loses Nigeria to the match on Friday, Iceland will have to match only matches against Croatia to go to the second round. Croatia has reached the second round for the first time since 1998. Before Croatia defeated Germany for the first time in 1998, Germany lost three zero in the quarter-final. The goals against Argentina started due to their goal-keeper when he balled the Croatia player in front of the goal in trying to clear the ball.

After this round, Argentina was under pressure and Croatia raised its advantage. Argentine’s worst defeat is the worst in 1958 after six against Czechoslovakia. On the other hand, it has been the first time in the World Cup since 1974 that Argentina has failed to win its first match. Massey’s performance is clear that Messi made 11 attempts to score against Iceland, but his first attempt in the match against Croatia was done in the 64th minute.

Most of the attempts to target the ongoing World Cup in Russia are Messi, ie 12 but they are unable to score. Australia and Denmark compete with one goal in the match played in the FIFA World cup on Thursday. After this match Danish coach Edge Pyridid said his players seemed tired.

As the match progressed, I could see that the players were going to tackle. We also send alternative players to the ground so that some cannot be played but could not. ” He admitted that he could not control the ball and had some more counter-attack on which the players had to run a lot. ‘Our energy is very much in it but it is a World Cup which is very tough.’

He added that Australia is a good team and France was lucky to beat Australia won by two. Australia has become the second team in the history of the World Cup, which has consistently done with three round penalties. Ghana was the first team in the 2006 World Cup since 2006, which made up on three round penalties.