FIFA ​​World Cup: First Argentine, Next to Nigeria, Shock Treatment Quality Intro Team Iceland Ready!

The second match of the 21st FIFA ​​World Cup starts in the Division Round. Iceland meets Nigeria in the 25th match of the World Cup. The 21st FIFA ​​World Cup football tournaments are held in Russia. 31 teams have entered the World Cup, winning in the qualifying round of the tournament.

Russia is directly qualified to run the competition. The 20 World Cup, including the current champion Germany in the World Cup in 2014, will participate in the World Cup. The tournament for this World Cup is exciting. The 32 teams are divided into 8 teams each with 4 teams. Each team will play with the other three teams in his section.

Accordingly, each team is playing in the second match. The teams from Russia, Uruguay, and C, from France and the Division of the Division of the Division have advanced to the next round. Iceland and Nigeria play in this match

Argentina and Iceland have one point each. Nigeria did not get any point. Argentine’s Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Neymar of Brazil are the most sought-after trials in the World Cup. So the teams that play these teams have a unique gravity.

Messi’s Argentine in the T Division clashed with Iceland in the first match. Iceland’s challenge to Argentina in this match Finally, the draw was a 1-1 goal. Messi could not even beat a goal.

The Iceland team has entered the World Cup for the first time. In 2016, the Euro Football Championship hit the quarter-finals. In 2010, Slovakia only advanced to the second round of the World Cup. Iceland, who gave Argentina a shock treaty in the first match, faces Nigeria today. In this match, there is a lot of opportunities to advance to the next round.

Argentine is in the last match in this section to win over goals against Nigeria. If Iceland has two matches, today it is possible to increase the chance for next round.