2018 Russia World Cup: Argentine defeat, Messi in the end how?

Argentine striker Leonel Messi (Mas) and Croatia (Croatia) met with a brow in front of the World Cup and locked their heads with their right hand. This scene attracted the attention of the world.

Argentina’s performance in this World Cup is not ideal. The 1-1 draw was unobtrusive in Iceland before the World Cup and was defeated by Croatia 3-0. Argentina is currently ranked third in the group, leaving only Nigeria on June 26th. Whether it can qualify in the group stage is still unknown.

Messi, however, was under greater personal pressure. The 44 million Argentines hoped he would win glory for the country, but he still hasn’t scored goals yet. According to reports, Messi was very unhappy when Argentina played on Saturday (June 16th) with Iceland. He even did not participate in the barbecue party of Argentina, preferring to stay in his hotel room.

Why is Messi so stressed? Why Argentina’s performance in this World Cup is so bad? People in the football community have commented on this, but most agree that it is not Messi’s fault.

“I have never seen such a performance”

If Messi’s action before the start of the national anthem on Thursday shows that he is under a headache, the mistake of the goalkeeper Willy Caballero (Caballero) can only be described as Burst. In response to a low-level mistake, he sent the ball to the other player’s footer, Ante Rebich (Leipzig), who took the “big gift” and scored the first goal to start the game. Argentina has lost the biggest score in the World Cup group match since 1958.

“It’s very difficult for Messi. The team behind him lacks the standard and he really trusts Ever Banega or Giovani lo Celso. Said Fabregas. “He needs someone to help him organize the offense. You should want your best player to get as many balls as possible.”

Former England captain Alan Shearer (Shuai) said: “Argentina has no tactics at all. It’s a mess.” Before the start of the World Cup, Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli (Senorioli) decided not to allow Mauro Icardi to join Argentina’s World Cup team. This decision was controversial from the beginning. In addition, Paulo Dybala (Dean Barna), who scored 22 goals in the last Italian Football Serie A, can only serve as substitutes in the first two group matches.

Chris Waddle, midfielder of the retired England football team, believes that this lineup has made Messi more pressure, but no one else can help him. He said to the  “Dybala could have cooperated with Messi, but Debana had to sit on the bench.”

“Messi has to do too many things. In the end, he crashes. He can only let the game time pass before him. He must be thinking, ‘What am I doing here?'”

Pablo Zabaleta, former Manchester City player who played for Argentina in the 2014 World Cup, said that Argentina’s pace was too slow, making Messi’s “unmanned combat” in the frontcourt. He thought that the team’s tactics were Nothing new, in his memory “had never seen this performance.”

Former Argentinean international striker Crespo (Kespu) spoke for Messi and believes that Messi does not necessarily need the World Cup champion to prove that he is a great player.

What happened to Messi?

A full rout game. After the game, Lionel Messi (Mess), distracted by the game, went straight to the locker room after the game and is destined to be one of the moments when the 2018 World Cup was recorded in history.

In the two games, there were no goals or assists for the five World Player of the Year, and they also missed a penalty in the first match against Iceland. This South American team is likely to be eliminated for the first time in the first round of the World Cup finals since 2002. It is also the first time since Messi has entered the Argentine national team.

Messi is about to turn 31 and theoretically still has time to participate in a World Cup. However, many ball critics believe that Russia will be the last chance for him to win the championship for Argentina. So far, his highest honor for the country is the gold medal of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

He has not been very happy in Barcelona in the past season: Although he won the Spanish national league and cup doubles championship, he has been out for the third consecutive season in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, and his rival Real Madrid has won Europe’s triple play.

The factors that made Messi so hard in 2018 may have many aspects. Here we try to list a few:

He may be too tired

In the 2017/18 European season, Messi played in 54 games, the highest since the 2014/15 season. Figures from the football statistics website Transfermarkt show that he played in 4468 minutes in 54 games and played 82.7 minutes per game.

He still contributed 45 goals and 18 assists for Barcelona in the past season.

A minor injury may have affected him

In April 2018, Argentina’s “The Trumpets” quoted insiders’ news that Messi was plagued by a thigh injury on his right leg, affecting his sprint and shifting speed.

In the important World Cup warm-up match between Italy and Spain earlier in the match, Messi did not play, and the news of the injury was known to the outside world. In the latter game, Messi watched in the stands and scored a 6-1 defeat in Spain.

The strength of Argentina in recent years is not strong

Argentina performed poorly in the 2018 Russia World Cup South America qualifier and only after the final match did it manage to win qualifying. Messi became the best shooter in the Argentina qualifying team with seven goals, but the overall performance of the team was widely criticized by fans and the media.

Although they were the last runner-up in the last World Cup, the finals lost to Germany in the overtime, but the last time the Argentina team won the World Cup was 1986.

Since 1993, the Argentine national team has never won any major championship. The 2004 and 2008 Lianhuang Olympic gold medals have not been able to comfort the pain caused by this long blank.

Ronaldo may have influenced him

What makes Messi’s depressed state even more embarrassing is that his main competitor has a startling start in this World Cup.

Regardless of good or bad, Cristiano Ronaldo has been used to compare with Messi over the past ten years. In Russia, Ronaldo had a strong performance in the opening game, and he made hat-trick for Spain in the first game, including a wonderful free kick.

After that, he scored the only goal in the match against Morocco with a record. Cristiano Ronaldo is now unstoppable, and Messi’s only memorable moment in this tournament to date is a missed penalty shot against Iceland.

Two years ago, Ronaldo did what Messi had never been able to do – he won his championship in the 2016 European Cup. Ronaldo did well in that tournament but was forced out of the game in the 22nd minute of the final. However, from that moment onwards, he became a “part-time assistant” and the coach’s momentum on the sidelines even made the head coach almost “retreat to the second line”.

Messi is also likely to be a spectator at this year’s tournament, but he has no excuse to act as an excuse.