UNFINISHED will open every secret related to Priyanka Chopra’s life, something like this

Priyanka Chopra is returning from ‘Bharat’ once again after making her work in Hollywood. He will soon be seen with Salman Khan. Recently Priyanka had come to New York to attend the Forbes Women’s Summit. Now she wants to do something different from the film industry. Native girl Priyanka is coming to take her memoir in 2019, which will be unfinished.

Actually, ‘unfinished’ is the name of a book. In this book, all the things that Priyanka had never spoken before. This book will be the story of Priyanka‘s early film career until her becoming a Pinnacle Actress. This book is being published by America’s Ballantine Books, US and UK book publication. Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra is also very excited about her book.

Book publisher Penguin Random House India announced that the book ‘Unfinished‘ is a collection of personal stories and experiences of actress, producer, social activist and goodwill messenger of UNICEF. This book will be published in the US and UK.

Priyanka said about the book that the style of the book will be honest, funny, passionate, bold and rebellious like me. I am always a private person. I never talked about my feelings during my journey but now I am ready to do this.

If Priyanka believes this book will be an inspiration for women. Especially for those who think that they can not get everything in life. They say that they need everything in life and they have proved it.