Kiwi women’s first match record, England broke in the second match

Tanton The England cricket team has set a new record in South Africa’s Tanton by scoring a huge 250-run mark in the Women’s Twenty20 International cricket match of 250, while New Zealand scored the highest score against the African team just a few hours earlier. was made.

New Zealand, England and South Africa women cricket teams are playing in the Twenty20 triangular series. In the first match, New Zealand had scored 216 runs against South Africa in Tanton in one over in the scheduled overs, but the record was made only in women’s Twenty 20 and England was the first against the African team.

After scoring 250 runs for three wickets in the innings, the Kiwi record of women’s Twenty20 international cricket was broken by a new record.

England decided to bat first in the second match of the triangular series and Tammy Biyont scored 63 runs in 63 balls and hit 18 fours and four sixes to score 116 runs. Gayoom and Danny Watt (56) shared a 147-run partnership for the first wicket in the last ODI of the Women’s World Cup.

Beyonot laughed after the match saying that he took his team coach Mark Robinson’s advice seriously, who had said that not breaking the record score of Kiwi team. There was a record twice in two days against the South African team.

England restricted South Africa to 129 for six in front of a target of 251 in the second match and won the match by 121 runs. Earlier, New Zealand won their South Africa match by 66 runs. The Kiwi team scored 216 runs for a wicket in the set overs, in response to which the African team could score 150 runs on six wickets.