Kishwar said: ‘Swara did better work,’ Impressed the offensive scene of ‘Veer The Wedding’

Impressed by the catastrophic scene of ‘Veer The Wedding‘ Kishwar. Kishwar spoke – if we get chance, we will definitely do such a scene. Because of the scenes, the social media has trolled.

Actress Swara Bhaskar may have trolled due to the masturbation scene of the movie ‘Veer The Wedding’. But there is also a TV actress who is quite impressed with this scene. We are talking about ‘Bigg Boss 9‘ as a contestant.

Kishwar Merchant’s He recently watched ‘Veer The Wedding‘ and praised Swaraj Bhaskar’s masturbation scene. Kishwar said in an interview, “Swara has done the scenes very well. I believe that I can never do this scene like him, I have a salute to Swara. ” If you want to get the chance then do such scenes …

Kishwar says that if he gets an opportunity to do such a scene in a movie and a script is demanded, he will definitely want to do it. Let me tell you that Kishwar has worked in the film ‘Phaja Fry 2’ (2011) for the last time in ‘Rishta Rai Chheke Hain Neo‘ (2017-18). In December 2016, he married Longtime Boyfriend Suyash Rai and is currently living happily married life.

Swaraj was the nervous person who was praised by Kishvar

Swara Bhaskar had said in an interview that he was nervous while doing the ‘Veer the Wedding’ masturbation scene. He had told the director Shashank Ghosh that he should make it in some way that it was funny instead of the vulgar.

When Swara was trolled for Serena, he linked it to the Women Empowerment. Responding to trollers, he wrote on social media, “In such cultures where most women remain silent on sexuality, Ignore or criticize, it’s empowering to show a girl masturbate in this way.”